CJ OliveNetworks participates in Seoul’s metaverse pilot service



-CJOliveNetworks will participate in the metaverse pilot service for Seoul

- As the first collaboration with the city, the company will operate a metaverse conference room where officials in avatar forms can meet

-The company will also provide a metaverse service environment for future events in Seoul 


[CJ OliveNetworks, September 16, 2021] CJOliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyeok) will participate in Seoul city (Mayor Oh Se-hoon Oh)’s metaverse pilot service. 


CJ OliveNetworks signed an MOU on Thursday for the operation of the Seoul Metaverse Pilot Service at the Seosomun Government Complex in Seoul. The signing ceremony was attended by key officials including Nam Byeong-su, head of CJ OliveNetworks DS Business Division, and Park Jong-su,Seoul Smart City Policy Officer.  


The metaverse pilot service promoted by Seoul city is designed to introduce metaverse-related technologies to move municipal administration into a digital environment. 


CJ OliveNetworks will implement a metaverse conference room in October as its first collaboration with the city. The metaverse conference room is a virtual space where officials communicate as avatars. The meeting room and avatars are created in 3D, giving a realistic feel. For public events, citizens can also participate as avatars. 


It is possible to review immersive materials with new technologies such as VR images and 3D objects during a meeting. The metaverse conference room can be used in the housing, urban planning, and cultural tourism sectors using the technology for a bird's eye view of buildings and city designing. 


The conference rooms are available in various sizes from a small meeting room with a capacity of up to 6 people to a large conference room for 200 people, giving flexible choices based on the purposes and sizes of the meeting.


The company will apply the metaverse to major events hosted by Seoul so that citizens can have a realistic and immersive experience in virtual events regardless of their location. 


As metaverse-related technology is advancing faster and non-face-to-face communication is increasingly getting important due to COVID-19, the Seoul city is determined to bring its video conferencing method to the next level and encourage the participation of the MZ generation in municipal administration.


“The prolonged COVID 19 outbreak, the advance of virtual technology, and citizens’ desire for new experiences in the digital space are all combined, creating an urgent need for the metaverse city administration,”said Park Jong-su, Director of Smart City Policy. 

“The Seoul city will expand the metaverse administrative services which have no restrictions of time and space focusing on economy,education, culture, and tourism areas, starting with the introduction of the metaverse conference room within this year.”


“We are excited to be part of the city’s metaverse service. We will be all out for the successful completion of the service with our technological prowess in AI, ICT and block chain,” said Nam Byeong-soo, head of CJ OliveNetworks DS Business Division.