CJ OliveNetworks stepping forward to develop a new big data analyzing business with dunnhumby


- Signed a business agreement with dunnhumby, a big data analyzing and solution company, for the joint pursuit of a big data business
- To expand synergistic effects by building a world-class data management system and merging it with external data
- To provide new customer value by analyzing in detail the customer data of CJ ONE, a membership service company

[CJ OliveNetworks=January 28, 2021 (Thursday)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyok) and big data analyzing company dunnhumby (CEO David Kwon of dunnhumby Korea) will build a world-class customer data management model and step forward to develop a new big data analyzing business.

dunnhumby is a big data analyzing solution company with a world-class customer data science capacity in the distribution, manufacturing, and customer goods businesses that need to grasp customer information. 

CJ OliveNetworks signed a business agreement with dunnhumby to expedite the switch to the digital system of the CJ Group subsidiary companies, whose main businesses are distribution, manufacturing, and customer goods, as well as jointly pursue a big data business. The two companies thus decided to develop a management model and solutions together for the enhanced use of data.

CJ OliveNetworks plans to build a world-class data management system with dunnhumby’s data management knowledge and analyzing technology, as well as the data of CJ ONE, an integrated membership service company wherein the data of customers using various CJ brands, such as Olive Young, CGV, and Tous Les Jours, are aggregated.

The collection and analyses of CJ ONE’s customer data are expected to enable highly precise data marketing and the development of solutions solving mid- to long-term business problems of each subsidiary of the CJ Group. CJ OliveNetworks also plans to expand synergistic effects by merging external data in the future.

“By merging the big data analyzing capacity and solution competitiveness of the two companies, we can build our own customer data management system and develop a new growth business, which is very meaningful… We will analyze in greater detail CJ Group’s customer data with dunnhumby to provide greater value to our customers. Moreover, we will equally support CJ Group’s subsidiary companies for them to smoothly pursue their digital switch projects,” said CEO Cha In-hyok of CJ OliveNetworks. 

“By merging CJ Group’s data and dunnhumby’s 30 years of experience analyzing data, we can build a world-class data management system… The more detailed analyses of the customers will enable us to provide the best customer services,” said CEO David Kwon of dunnhumby Korea. (The End)