We provide optimal solutions that enable employees to communicate and
collaborate anywhere and at any time.

We realize a creative and efficient work environment optimized for customers’ work styles and spaces,
providing communication and collaboration solutions that improve corporate productivity and employee’s job satisfaction

Smart Workplace


1. Smart Workplace Consulting

We provide optimal consulting to draw optimal smart workplace solutions based on customer empathy and participation.
It is necessary to have different solutions according to the nature of a corporate business, the working culture, and a unique DNA to realize a smart workplace. Smart workplace consulting helps solve the problems in employees’ working ways and space utilization, suggesting best ways to work in creative and efficient working environment.

2. Smart Workplace Solutions

Smart Place Solution

We provide IoT solutions for the mobile work environment and efficient spaces.
For this, we built a wireless network infrastructure that enables the work environment to be accessed anywhere in the company. We also provide convenient and efficient mobile office solutions through IoT-based automation.

Smart Work Solution

We provide cloud-based work environment that enables employees to communicate and collaborate anywhere and at any time.
This environment promotes mobile collaboration in which online and off-line regardless of work locations with smart devices and cloud technology. We improve immersion into remote communication through realistic videoconferences and the digital board infrastructure.

- We realize the smart working spaces and ways through an infusion analysis of employee VoC and new technologies.

Service Diagram
Smart Workplace Consulting
  • Work Style / Persona Analysis
  • Service Proposal / Change Management

Employee Empathy / Drawing Solutions Through Workshop

Smart Place Solution
  • Wireless Infra
  • Mobile Office Infra
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence
  • Intelligent Meeting Room
  • Intelligent Facility Control
Smart Work Solution
  • Mobile Team Collaboration
  • Immersive Video Conference
  • Cloud Document Management
  • Virtual Desktop Infra
  • Digital Whiteboard
Smart Workplace Consulting

Suggest optimal solution based on customer empathy

  • Defining work style and issues Through surveys and interviews
  • Drawing solutions through design thinking workshops
Smart Place Solution-Workspace Innovation

Supporting the mobile work environment

  • Establishing a constant wireless environment in any place in the company
  • Building a convenient and comfortable Workspace where everything is automated
Smart Work solution-Workstyle Innovation

Supporting the best solution for communicate and collaboration

  • Mobile-based idea exchanging and collaboration
  • Enhancing the concentration of a remote communication
  • Establishing a centralized and collaborative environment with information assets


1. Providing of Optimized Services in the Lifestyle Biz.

We provide optimal services based on a deep understanding of the field of life & culture industry.
We provide optimal consulting and solution building services specialized in the field of retail, logistics, media, and food services based on the capability that improved the work productivity of CJ Group, the best lifestyle company in Korea for the past 20 years.

2. Selection of the Way of Building in accordance with Customer Policies

The selective implementation is possible between the on-premise or SaaS according to customer situations and requirements.
You can build the independent infrastructure (on-premise) by customer company in response to corporate situations and needs. You can also reduce initial investment expenses and introduce the SaaS method of paying usage-based fees through the IDC infrastructure of CJ OliveNetworks.

3. Integrated Service Life Cycle Management

We directly carries out the whole delivery process such as consulting, construction, and maintenance.
We provide the integrated quality control system, such as consulting for the introduction of smart workplace solutions, system design and development, maintenance, and change management, based on the highest level of system integration (SI) capabilities in Korea unlike other collaboration equipment and solution providers that build solutions and infrastructure depending on their partners’ outsourcing services.


  • You can access the work environment easily anywhere in the office through Wi-Fi, with the highest level of security. It is not necessary to connect to the Internet manually when a meeting is held in a space without a local area network (LAN) or at the time of interfloor movement.
  • Meeting participants can share materials and make presentations wirelessly. You can have a one-touch videoconference when it is necessary to have a communication with a teleworker. You can also have convenient remote communications with high immersion through the function of sensing and speaker autofocus.
  • You can easily identify necessary documents anywhere at any time through cloud-connected mobile services. Moreover, you can communicate and collaborate with team members by mobile conference in real time. With all this, you can experience the same work environment as in the company from the outside through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

- Smart Workplace Solution to improve productivity and increase space utilization

  • Wireless Security Internet
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Integrated Virtual Phone
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Cloud Document Management
  • Realistic Videoconference
  • Intelligent Facility Control
  • Intelligent Conference Room Control