FrameOne is a web and batch application
framework based on the J2EE standard.

It is a framework to provide excellent compatibility through the application of a standard technology and a platform-independent design.



1. Concise Development Pattern

You can achieve high development productivity through the simplification of development patterns.
Even beginners or developers with little Java experience can easily adapt to this because technical skill requirements are lowered with an intuitive and concise development pattern. You can minimize the quality difference according to differences in developer capabilities by using a standard pattern.

2. Multilingual Support

It is easy to use the function of multilingual support.
You can immediately use the function of multilingual support after installation without separate design and implementation because necessary functions such as multilingual processing, management, and UI are basically provided.

3. UI Environment Support

We support the user-friendly UI because HTML4 UI is installed.
You can build your own UI using the inherent TML4 technology. We increase responsiveness to user environmental changes and functionality through the application of the HTML5-based UI solution that meets global trends. In addition, we support the multichannel structure in which the UI can be selected according to system requirements and user experience.


1. Acquisition of Safety

You can secure the reliability of systems and services through verified application cases.
Safety is ensured because relevant technologies can be verified, and risk factors can be solved in advance through many project introduction cases.

2. Development of Efficient Projects

We can provide a high-efficiency and high-quality development environment.
You can avoid overlapping works in each project with the reuse of black boxes and architectural recycling. You can also secure a consistent technological environment and uniform quality through the provision of verified development patterns.


  • It has been applied to the major information systems of more than 50 affiliates of CJ Group, such as CJ CheilJedang, CJ Logistics, CGV, CJ ENM O Shopping Div., CJ ENM E&M Div., and OliveYoung. In fact, we shortened the time of design and development to improve productivity through the provision of technical architecture, common services, and templates for the basic framework.


  • You can apply it to the location in which the support environment is needed, such as the development of concise patterns, multilingual support, various UI environment support, and system error history management.
  • It can easily be applied to the new system because of the application of the latest technologies and trends such as Aspect-Oriented Programming, Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, Dynamic Proxy, and SQL Mapping.

- FrameOne Application Layer

Web Server - Web Application Server - DB Server
  • Business Application
  • Application Framework
  • Web Application Server S/W
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • Operating System

- FrameOne Architecture

UI Layer
  • Html UI(HTML4.01)
Spring Context
  • Bean Lifecycle Management
  • IoC/DI Container
  • Integration between layers
  • Application settings integration
Control Layer
  • Calling the service suitable for the URL required in the control area of the MVC model, and taking charge of handling related to data conversion, processing, and verification
  • Handling the connection between models and views through the URL-mapped method
Common Controller
  • Controller implementation in charge of data conversion and processing repeatedly implemented when Nexacro is used
  • Possible to call directly using FQN of the service to be called without the implementation of a separate work controller when a common controller is used
Channel Support Layer
  • Supporting client channels
  • HTML implementation
  • Using the filter implementation regulations of the web context
  • Consisting of an authority filter, an exception handling filter, etc.
VO Support
  • Supporting parameters and FrameOneDataset VO
Business Layer
  • Implementing business logic required in the business domain
  • Using an embodiment named “Service”: each method of “Service” is a transaction unit.
Persistence / Infrastructure Layer
  • Interfaces with external systems In charge of data access functions
  • Adopting of MyBatis with a data access framework
HTML Web Browser
Spring Context
  • Persentation Layer : Tiles View / JSTL Custom Tag
  • Channel Support Layer : Argument Resolver / Return Value Handler
  • Control Layer : Filters / Dispatcher Servlet / Nexacro Controller / Business Controllers
  • Business Layer : Service A / Service B / Module A / Module B
  • Persistence/Infrastructure Layer : MyBatis - DATABASE / External Interface - External Service
  • Transaction Management (Golbal Transaction Supprt)
VO Support (Parameters, FrameOneDataset)