We offer total HRD online service

Our total HRD online service is designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all HRD processes.

e-Learning Service


1. Optimized Content Development

Our contents are optimized to the needs and goals of our customers.
We develop and provide educational contents that are optimized for linking educational activity with business gains.

2. Education Management

We offer training services tailored to enhancing the administrative / leadership / work / language skills of employees.
A standardized process of entrance / introduction / progress management / evaluation / conclusion allows efficient and organic processing of training programs.

3. e-Academy

We offer total learning solutions designed to nurture the future drivers of CJ’s business specialties: Food&Food service, Bio&Pharma, Homeshopping&Logistics, as well as Entertainment&Media.
Our e-Academy program includes program planning and development for every proficiency level, online class outsourcing, on/off blended courses, and integrated management systems.

4. Platform Construction and Management

We build and manage one-stop learning platforms that integrate learning support, method, and process into a single structure.
Our integrated learning platform ensures that all academic resources in the field are fully integrated and employed toward creating an innovative HRD process.


1. Field- and Result-Oriented Programs

Our programs are developed with systemic and systematic methodologies in mind, with the goal of achieving only the best.
Our HRD experts and the one-of-a-kind quality assurance system ensure consistent quality, optimized to the needs of our clients through our delivery methods.

- Development Process

Needs analysis → Design → Development → Education → Results feedback

  • Needs analysis (Trend, Trainee Needs, Customer Needs) → Content Directions → Decisions on content composition and directionality
  • Draft developed → Teaching design, storyboard, Content development TFT(Expert consultation, HPI Consulting Headquarters, HR Consultant , Remote Education Headquarters Contents Planner) → Teaching design (Content draft, Story board)
  • Utilizing multimedia formats such as video clips or Flash, Content development TFT(Remote Education Headquarters Contents Development Team, Remote Education Headquarters System Development Team, Business Support Headquarters Design Team / IT Support Team) → Content details (Video clip developed, Flash developed)
  • MOEL, KSQA Course Certification Process (for Employment Insurance Refund Learning Programs) → Design Education Management Strategies → Prepare systems according to contents specialty → Implement education (← Apply education management strategies)
  • Education Results Analysis (Trainee Evaluations, Education Completion Rates, Other Education Progress Indices, Content Satisfaction) → Implement education (→ · Implement education, · Used in future content development)

2. Standardized Education Management System

We offer a stage-by-stage education system based on Get Ready – Learn – Transfer process.
From academic planning to motivation, content curation, learning, encouragement, result analysis, and transfer review, our integrated education process offers efficient and organic sequence of the learning stages.

- Education management process

System Management (SM)
Course information and attendance management
  • Learning guidance : learning ability diagnosis, individual support, happy call
  • Policy management : rewards to high achievers, etc.
  • Course information : convenience services such as personalized alarms, study guides
  • Attendance confirmation : to prevent misconducts
Learning support and encouragement
  • Mail, message, happy call, etc.
  • Personalized operation based on each participant progress
Evaluation and feedback
  • Establish evaluation criteria and management methods
  • Establish course completion conditions per course characteristics
  • Provide evaluation analysis and feedback for each module
  • Offer objective evaluation criteria and guidelines
  • Report preparation and management
Strengthening learning management systems
  • Individual learning and certification : via IP address
  • Minimum learning hours and recommended progress rates
  • Prevent duplicate accesses and limit evaluation to one sitting


1. Acquiring Working Knowledge of Best Practices

Make immaterial knowledge an asset with our learning resources and contents.
Our programs offer synergy and durability to training programs through a specialized database of educational contents.

2. Maximize Training Effects

A self-driven model of learning maximizes the effectiveness of our training programs.
Our systemic management schemes offer enhanced efficiency to our customers in HRD.

3. Cost Reduction

Achieve efficiency and effectiveness at a fraction of the costs.
Employees have access to our contents regardless of location, time, or platform, eliminating the need for traditional training programs and associated costs.


  1. 1. CJ e-Academy System (2013): The CJ e-Academy System is an administrative system for both the management of educational content and academic progress.
  2. 2. Official Authorization of Distance Lifelong Education System (2013): We have been certified by the educational authorities to operate and manage an Employment Insurance Refund Learning Program.
  3. 3. CJ Group Mandatory Training Content and Service (2014): Our training contents on the core values of CJ Group are used to provide training throughout the CJ Group and its affiliates.
  4. 4. CJ Group Integrated Online Training Service: Our online learning program is responsible for administering nearly 150,000 training programs per year, including common capabilities training, mandatory training, language training, smart learning programs, and affiliate-specific training programs.