Our logistics solutions and automated facilities support our
customers in standardization, automation, and visibility of information.

Our ELiSS logistics operation system, an intelligent ‘integrated control center’ that provides real-time monitoring and control of on-site
operation and risks, brings efficiency and automation in logistics control and facilities.

Automated Logistics Control System


1. Building of an Intelligent Integrated Control Center

Our immersive resource control services offer full control over real-time on-site resource monitoring and prediction.
Our AR/VR-based immersive control center utilizes cutting-edge IoT technology, including indoor positioning technology, to provide a real-time update of on-site resource (workforce, equipment, and facilities) location and operation.

2. Building of a Standard Solution–Based Logistics System

We offer solutions and added services based on our standard logistics operation process.
We bring our technological expertise in building and operating IT systems together with our mastery of logistics techniques as Korea’s No. 1 3PL logistics company, building a standard process-based operation system that incorporates the entire logistics process, from storage to unloading and shipping of materials, in the logistics center. Our latest IT technology helps us enhance the efficiency of our logistics systems to new levels.

3. Automated Logistics Facility and Control System

We create an automated and unmanned work environment through the latest automation technology and control techniques.
We provide automation facilities and services optimized to the on-site environment and capacity of our customers, and our WMS process synchronization and control systems help maximize the productivity of our systems.

- ELiSS Framework

1. Establish Integrated Intelligent Control Center
  • Develop AR/VR-based immersive control center
  • Provide Big Data-based preventive monitoring services
  • Real-time supervision services using sensors and IoT
  • Sensor-based resource efficiency management

→ Provide immersive control service utilizing real-time resource monitoring and prediction services from IoT, Big Data, and AR/VR technologies

2. ELISS (Logistics Standard Solution) based logistics management system
  • Solution-based SI and SaaS
  • Additional services (automobile/inventory control)
  • Specialized process by area (fashion / logistics)
  • Standardization of logistics center management process

→ Develop solution-based management system featuring ELiSS and unique additional services

3. Automated logistics and facility management system
  • Data-based facility monitoring and malfunction prediction
  • Automated facility control
  • Intelligent logistics system (robot, GTP)
  • Automated logistics facilities (sorter, automatic storehouses)

→ Support unmanned automation of logistics operation through cutting-edge automobile facilities and efficient controls


1. No. 1 Logistics Firm in Korea with IT Expertise

We bring the benefits of our experience in handling the IT systems of CJ Logistics, the No. 1 logistics firm in Korea, to our customers.
Our solutions integrate our field-specific expertise and management techniques from our history of cooperation with our partners all over the industry, challenging the limits of on-site system efficiency.

2. Offering of Immersive Visibility for the First Time in Korea with Cutting-Edge Information Technology

We utilize the latest developments in AR/VR and IoT technologies to provide a real-time immersive control solution for large-scale on-site logistics operations.
We bring together on-site resources through our sensor network and IoT technology to create an immersive, 3D logistics management environment in real time.

3. Transitioning from On-Site Operation to Planning and Control–Based Operations

Our IoT, Big Data, and AR/VR technologies allow us to enhance the operational capacities of on-site logistics management.
Combining standard process–based operations with planning and monitoring functions, we provide quick response capabilities to any change in the field.

4. Providing a Base for Innovation

Our indicator-based operation and control system offers a solid base for continuous innovation.
Data analysis and visibility allows our customers to recognize the issues and problems of on-site operation, and provide a sustainable response through scientific responses based on data.

5. Cost Cutting and Maximization of Productivity

The automation, unmanned operation, and standardization of on-site operation simplify the logistics process, and allow the optimal distribution of resources.
Our standardized processes and automated facilities offer substantial reduction in the commitment of resources in the field, and optimize the process to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.


  1. 1. We can organize the on-site logistics processes of an existing logistics center into an IT-based environment. Our customers can initiate the automation of on-site processes based on our IT environment.
  2. 2. Our intelligent control center solutions can be expanded to the manufacturing and maritime shipping fields toward smart factories and next-generation container terminals.
  3. 3. Our automated facilities and control schemes can be expanded toward the synchronization of logistics and production facilities in smart factories.