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About business

“CJ OliveNetworks is actively supporting customers’ stable business expansion and success in the global market through IT services optimized for overseas markets.”

Based on our experience and know-how on system construction and operation accumulated from the domestic market, we build and operate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to efficiently integrate and manage domestic and foreign resources of our customers.

We build and operate various systems necessary for customers’ local retail business (B2C) including the construction and operation of CJ CGV’s web / mobile booking system in overseas markets including China, and “CJ ONE” service, the CJ Group’s integrated membership.

We provide high-quality, reliable networks by operating corporations / offices at major overseas branches and building/managing Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and network points (PoPs).

We help our customers reduce the cost of building their own IT infrastructure and asset management, and maximize their business flexibility by delivering customized cloud services.

Based on strong Big Data obtained from the domestic and overseas markets, we support boosting of our customers’ competitiveness in the market as well as their expansion into new businesses through digital marketing.

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Major Services

Running Global Branches/Offices
Operating Chinese Branch (Shanghai) and US office (LA)
Promoting establishment of IT bases (Branches / offices) in Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Indonesia)
Building Global Systems and Localizing Operation
Building integrated ERP systems at home and abroad and implementing integrated operation in Korea (CJ Cheil Jedang SAP ERP, etc.)
Building local systems and operating services based on global standards (China CJ CGV Theater Information Integration System, KX Holdings Logistics System, CJ Foodville Store Sales System, CJ Freshway Import and Export System, etc.)
Expanding the group’s standard services to global markets (Group portal / HR / information security service, etc.)
Building Global IDC Infrastructure
Operating integrated IDC and PoP centers for each key overseas location of the group
Global Cloud Services: Private Cloud, CBS (Cloud Brokerage Service) for cooperation with global vendors, etc.
Providing Big Data-based Solutions
Big Data-based digital marketing, support for new business
Expanding Cooperative Relations with Global IT Companies
Strategic alliances and collaborations with global and local IT partners