CJ OliveNetworks kicks off VR training platform projects for businesses


- To expand virtual reality (VR) education using the Virtual Enterprise Platform by Immerse UK 
- To cut costs and save time drastically by providing customized online education on VR regardless of time and space 
- To facilitate course management with concurrent connection and repetitive learning incorporating performance records of learners  

 [CJ OliveNetworks, Tue. Nov. 26, 2019] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Lee Kyung-bae) announced that its enterprise VR education platform project, through a strategic partnership with Immerse UK, is moving forward full steam ahead.   

Immerse UK is a leading provider of VR training platform, headquartered in London, with major international customers, including DHL,
GE Healthcare, and Shell. The company was one of the finalists of the VR Awards 2019 in two areas, VR Healthcare and VR Education and Training.

By signing the contract with Immerse UK, CJ OliveNetworks will develop VR education/training contents that fulfill customers’ needs in production process, distribution procedure, and safety education, and provide its counterpart’s proprietary Immerse Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP). 

Previously, this required physical space and tools/materials to prepare for education and training, but it was inconvenient for learners to be present on site. The VEP, however, enables enterprises to create and provide virtual training content anytime and anywhere using a Head-Mounted Display (or HMD) on a PC.     

Multiple learners can access at the same time and can repeatedly learn, as anytime and anywhere learning can save both money and time. 

With highly immersive learning in a virtual space, which is the same as on-site, employees can improve their memories and work capacity. 
All performances of users are recorded, which can be useful in the evaluation of individual results and the management of training courses. 

CJ OliveNetworks carried out the project successfully by creating VR content customized to its affiliate firms’ needs, including CJ CheilJedang and a construction division of CJ Logistics. It will keep improving content based on affiliates’ feedback and creating new content. 

It will offer CJ CheilJedang the contents for practice that can compose different circuits by realizing virtual spaces for a hydro-pneumatic circuit. It will provide CJ Logistics with the training contents that can inspect foundation work and waterproofing for buildings under construction using actual drawings in a virtual environment. 

 “With the VR content for job training we’ve developed, we can increase the operational efficiency of customers, and this will save time and money,” said No Giho, head of AR/VR Project Team at CJ OliveNetworks. He added that “After applying this system first to CJ affiliate firms, we will gradually expand it toward external customers starting in 2020.”

Immerse UK will create synergy by facilitating CJ OliveNetworks’ delivery of the VEP to companies at home and keep developing innovative platforms.