CJ OliveNetworks Completed Building the “Digital Magic Space (DMS) UHD Studio and Postproduction Facilities” for KOCCA





CJ OliveNetworks IT Business Division announced its completion of the Ultrahigh-definition(UHD) studio and postproduction facilities project at Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA)’s DMS in Sangam-dong, Seoul, Korea.

The DMS in Sangam-dong is a cutting-edge broadcasting production facility of a one-stop full-service system, where one can produce–edit–record all in one space. The space supports independent Korean producers for them to create and supply competitive contents. The DMS studio and subcontrol room are equipped with a hybrid environment to enable the use of UHD and HD video sources as well as the production of contents at the same time.

In 2017, CJ OliveNetworks supported the expansion of the UHD broadcasting infrastructure and its stable operation. This year, it has built a system for UHD production in the subcontrol room, and additionally constructed the editing room storage to improve the production environment and upgrade the facilities.

Thanks to the project, the DMS subcontrol room has been refurbished into a cutting-edge space for UHD broadcasting production. First, TICO technology has been applied to the video system to effectively reduce time delay and data loss when compressing and transmitting high-resolution videos. This system does not only powerfully transmit videos but also provide IP-based cutting-edge video solutions with high flexibility.


In addition, equipment that is verified based on performance and safety, such as UHD camera system, video server, and audio mixer exclusively for broadcasting, have been introduced to build a high-quality environment for content production.

Furthermore, a video mixing unit (VMU), networks, and other major equipment of a subcontrol room, as well as live signal sending for live broadcasting, have been designed to be duplex for perfect security performance. Backup monitoring has been established to prepare against errors during the HD/UHD live broadcasting and secure stable operation.


 △ Before and after the improvement of the production environment,

and the UHD system construction in the DMS No. 3 Subcontrol Room

A storage area network (SAN) for storing UHD video data has been additionally built into 300TB in the postediting room. The metadata controller (MDC) server has been replaced with a high-performance one to expand the shared storage and provide an efficient editing-based environment.

In addition, the interior of the subcontrol room has been revamped based on the features and lighting of the newly established UHD studio to improve the production environment and enhance the level of satisfaction with the DMS use.

 “The fact that we have carried out the UHD building project of KOCCA for two consecutive years is highly meaningful because it has proven our advanced technological competency in the UHD field, which is drawing attention as an indispensable infrastructure of a broadcasting system. Based on the broadcasting system integration experiences and knowledge that we have gained so far, we will seek new business opportunities more actively,” said a CJ OliveNetworks officer.

CJ OliveNetworks has proven its differentiated knowledge and competencies by completing broadcasting system integration and operation projects. The projects include the building of an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) HD broadcasting system for the Traffic Broadcasting System (TBS), a 4K UHD sending system for the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), and a K-shopping broadcasting system. We have also moved the HD broadcasting system to the new headquarters of Busan Bank. (End)