CJ ONE Launches Five New Types of CJ Gift Card



- The five new types designed with unique colors and messages offer fun in daily life
- KRW 2,000 will be additionally given to consumers who purchase the cards and register them on the mobile app by April 9

[CJ OliveNetworks=March 27, 2018 (Tuesday)] CJ’s integrated lifestyle membership service CJ ONE announced on March 23 that it has launched five new types of CJ gift card that can be used both online and offline. 

CJ gift card is a rechargeable prepaid card which can be used not only to pay at CJ brand stores, but also to collect CJ ONE points. Actual plastic card and the one exclusively for online use are being offered.

User analysis was conducted for about eight months after the first launch of CJ gift card in May of last year and revealed that the cards were loved the most by female consumers in their 20s and 30s, whose user rate reached about 73%. The cards were frequently used in stores close to universities and companies.

The new types reflect the recent trend of consumers in their 20s and 30s who invest in products for themselves in line with the latest popular lifestyle of “seeking small, but sure happiness.” As such, they are designed with bright colors and unique messages, and are expected to offer fun in daily life.

In commemoration of the new launch of the CJ gift cards available for purchase at about 1,200 stores nationwide such as Olive Young, A Twosome Place, and CGV, consumers who purchase cards worth over KRW 30,000 and register them on the CJ ONE app by April 9, will additionally receive KRW 2,000 as message gift cards. All benefits for this promotion will be provided on April 24 as a bundle.

The CJ gift card can be used at all CJ brands and can be charged from a minimum of KRW 10,000 to a maximum of KRW 500,000. It can be used in CJ brand stores such as Olive Young, CGV (including snack bar), A Twosome Place, VIPS, Tous Les Jours, Season’s Table, Cheiljemyunso, The Place, CJ Foodworld, Juice Solution, and VIPS Burger, among others. It can also be used as online cash at On mart, CGV, Mnet, O Shopping, and CJ Worldis, among others.

For more details and information on stores selling CJ gift cards, check the CJ ONE website (www.cjone.com) or call the Customer Support Center (1577-8888). (End)