CJ OliveNetworks Showcases Its “Food Materials Data Distribution Platform”





- A preview of the “Food Materials B2B Data Trade and Mediation Platform” will be released in January 2018.
- Discussions on the utilization of big data and insights from the company’s operations as well as expert lectures were held.


[CJ OliveNetworks=December 7, 2017 (Thursday)] CJ OliveNetworks has successfully showcased its new “CJ OliveNetworks Big Data Center” on December 6, 2017.


This showcase focused on big data, which is the capital commodity of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a powerful asset toward corporate competitiveness, with a special focus on data construction and utilization, collection and dissemination, and case studies.
One hundred experts and industry shareholders from the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIP), National Information Society Agency (NIA), and various corporations participated in this widely anticipated event, which also served as a showcase for the MSIP and the NIA-sponsored “Food Materials B2B Data Trade and Mediation Platform.”


The “Food Materials Data Distribution Platform” is a national policy project that is being implemented by the CJ OliveNetworks Consortium (with CJ Freshway) since July, with the goal of establishing Korea’s first and only data platform on B2B food material consumption and demand information. The platform will use CJ Freshway’s data on food material supply and online data from web browsers and SNS, collecting and processing these data to offer consumption-based data services to clients. It is slated to open in January 2018.


The event also featured insights and case studies from CJ OliveNetworks on food material B2C trade, restaurant businesses, catering services, and the synchronization of data across the diverse B2B trading channels.


A number of experts visited the event for special lectures as well. Professor Hee-jun Park of Yonsei University opened the special lectures with his presentation on the leading technological trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the consequences of data distribution and its utilization within the big data environment. Director Sang-gi Lee of the global mobile marketing-automated solution company, Braze, followed this up with a presentation on the latest marketing trends in big data.


A representative of the MSIP, who was present in the event, asserted that the government will provide a proactive support toward building big data industries across all fields and developing big data specialists to support these ventures.


Senior Manager So-yi Jung of CJ OliveNetworks’ Big Data Department commented: “An efficient utilization of big data, the importance of which is growing significantly with each passing day, can favorable synergies for not only the expansion of sales but also the efficiency of operation and the development of new businesses.” He added: “This event was a very meaningful one in that it helped provide a blueprint for the future development of the big data market through in-depth presentations and sharing of insights.”


The Big Data Center of CJ OliveNetworks offers a comprehensive range of services on big data including data distribution, algorithm development, analysis and technological support, and infrastructure development. (End)