MOU Signed with Itaewon Elementary School for SW Creative Camp Training



On June 23, Seoul Itaewon Elementary School (Principal Young-chul Kim) and CJ OliveNetworks for the CJ Software (SW) Creative Camp program signed an MOU, the CSR program of CJ OliveNetworks, toward supporting the technological capabilities of the students of Itaewon Elementary School.

Through this MOU, CJ OliveNetworks will provide software training, on-site training programs, vocational training, and mentoring programs to Itaewon Elementary School.
The first project undertaken under this MOU will be the SW Creative Camp for 3rd–6th graders in Itaewon Elementary School on July 1 and 8.


The CJ SW Creative Camp will use the expertise of CJ OliveNetworks’ employees in providing SW coding training to young adolescents, and is a not able talent donation program of CJ OliveNetworks with a proven track record of enhancing logical and creative thinking.

A follow-up training in September, this time focused on 5th–6th graders, will provide on-site training in software development. Students will visit the CJ OliveNetworks headquarters to see the smart office in action, and will continue to have a teleconference with the Songdo Internet Data Center and its on-site personnel.

The MOU also has plans for field trips and training programs centered on cutting-edge IT technology such as AR/VR and robotics.

Finally, software lectures and mentoring programs for senior students are expected to provide concrete assistance in career choice and preparation.

CEO Kyung-bae Lee of CJ OliveNetworks commented, “As the SW coding training will become compulsory for elementary and middle schoolers from 2018, we are committed to providing pertinent support to change the public perception toward SW coding and to train future industry leaders,” and added, “We hope that this MOU can serve as an opportunity for us to expand our SW training programs to those who did not have such opportunities in the past.”

Principal Young-chul Kim of Itaewon Elementary School also commented, “Our school has carried out its duties as a software leader in the last three years, offering students with an opportunity to directly engage with the software industry,” and added, “Our partnership with the CJ SW Creative Camp is expected to opportunities for our students to enhance their cooperative spirit and logical thinking.” (End)