CJ OliveNetworks Implements “Mobile Academy” for All Employees




- As a preparation for theFourth Industrial Revolution by enhancing mobile platform proficiency for allemployees

- Training program tailored to three stages—basic, core, and advanced courses—according to the employeerole

- All participants willsubmit an app to an internal contest upon the conclusion of the academy.

CJ OliveNetworks = July3, 2017 (Monday): CJ OliveNetworks has revealed a plan to implement a “MobileAcademy” for all the employees of the company to enhance their mobile platform proficiencies.

The Mobile Academy is atraining program designed to find the next set of talents as required by the upcoming Mobile First Age and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

All employees of CJ OliveNetworks, from the president to the new hires, will be required to take part in the Academy, to be held until the first half of 2018, in three curriculade signed with the employee role in mind.

The Basic program is designed to provide a basic understanding of mobile apps using Android-based App Inventors, and culminating in the creation of an original app by allparticipants.

The Core and Advanced programs are designed to provide API-based app project planning and designingexperience for technical parts such as systems operation.

The major contents of the training offered by the Mobile Academy include the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its relationship to the mobile industry, understanding mobileapp projects, designing mobile app functionality and services, the uation of mobile apps, and many others. Through this training, participants will have an access to a holistic training, from the design of algorithms to the creation of the app itself, in both iOS and Android settings.

After training completion,all participants must submit their designed app, which will be subjected to are view and will serve as bases for the new internal qualification of Mobile Professional.

Operations Director Joon-sik Park of the IT Development commented, “I was not entirely sure whether I could design an app by myself, but I found that I could do it, and what’s more, I enjoyed the process,” and added, “I think this can serve as anopportunity for all the members of the CJ OliveNetworks community to move forward from their fears and apply their new knowledge to their tasks.”

CEO Kyung-bae Lee of CJ OliveNetworks stated, “The Mobile Academy project is a holistic training program designed to build a mindset capable of adjusting to the rapidly changing IT environment,” and added, “The task of developing an app will all own on professionals to improve their understanding of and creativity in mobile space, while professionals will have a chance for further improvement.

We at CJ OliveNetworks are committed to making sure that every member of our company will have an opportunity to benefit from this project.” (End)