CJ OliveNetworks Opens Digital Transformation Experiencing Hall to showcase the Customer Experience-based New Technologies


In order to become a leader in Digital Transformation (DT), CJ OliveNetworks has launched its DT experiencing hall on the 10th floor of its headquarters, where the visitors can experience differentiated customer-based new technologies.  

As big data, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are rising as key driving engines that are bringing about innovation in business and leading DT, CJ OliveNetworks has prepared its DT experiencing hall to showcase new digital technologies being applied to life and culture. 

The halls largely consist of the five themes of ▲ Media, ▲ Big Data/AI, ▲ Smart Store, ▲ AR/VR, and ▲ Cloud, and they are introducing the next-generation of IT solutions that will change customer experiences. 

The first space is the Media Hall. This hall is where you can get a glimpse of the future of broadcasting system integration (SI), which is one of the strengths of CJ OliveNetworks. As snack culture contents have become widespread recently, this space provides a one-person media studio where you can easily make and communicate using videos. Staff members can freely enjoy one-person broadcasting content and gain business insights, as well as enjoy real-time streaming to their cell phones.

In the Big Data/AI Hall, you can encounter robotic process automation (RPA) technology; online video services (OTT: Over the Top) that provide content customized to users; and an interactive signage that provides content customized to customers based on facial recognition, including automated solutions for collecting and processing data of the CJ Big Data Center. 

The chatbot service and AI assessment system are also technologies that CJ OliveNetworks has developed and showcased, and both of these can save time on document screening. The CJ Group showcased them for the first time in the business during the open recruitment in the second half of 2018.

The vision AI solution that automatically recognizes people and things in images and videos is particularly noteworthy. Vision AI is technology used to comprehensively understand and analyze media content, and you can use it to speedily check, find, and show only the particular people you like in a TV series you watch or products you are interested in. 

In the Smart Store Hall, you can experience various solutions that offer new shopping experiences to customers and save store management cost through automation and unmanned management. This includes IoT display shelf where customers can readily check detailed information of products they have picked via a screen; digital code (Data on Things) of embedding content into s with image and sound coding technology and recognizing them on a mobile; and a self-checkout wherein goods recognition technology based on deep learning is applied. 

Among these, “ONE ORDER,” a next-generation store management IT solution, enables staffs to readily check the orders with a s smart watch after a good’s order has been placed at a store with a tablet PC or kiosk. This has the advantage of dramatically saving time spent moving around a store and waiting. ONE ORDER has been introduced in CJ Food World, a restaurant culture complex in the Incheon International Airport, and has been uated as having made the store management and process much more efficient. CJ plans to expand the scope of ONE ORDER to other areas, such as a voice-ordering service that can take even complex order recognizing customers’ voice only. 

In the AR/VR Hall, you can encounter a service platform wherein AR/VR are integrated. Here, you can experience shopping in a virtual store or place goods virtually in advance to see how they would look in real space. In addition, people working in various fields, such as the pharmaceutical and food industries, can get technological training in an environment that is the same as the real world by experiencing VR services. The AR/VR Hall is also showcasing ultra-small VR equipment that can be inserted in a smartphone so you can experience easily portable VR and content that are highly immersive.    

Last but not least, let us examine the Cloud Hall. This hall shows CJ OliveNetworks’ direction of smart factory development. It connects the facilities and processes in individual factories with a production network and shares all produced data and information in real time for optimal management. For this, the company has secured a manufacturing execution system (MES) solution based on cloud technology and is supporting its consulting and tech at the affiliates. 

Also the Smart Work Place, a solution actualizing an innovative environment appropriate for the global era, turns the working environment into a more efficient and productive work area in line with the recently implemented 52-hour work week. As such, it is expected to further innovate the working environment with digital technologies.

DT, which is a keyword in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is no longer a choice, but a must in our daily lives. 

CJ OliveNetworks is offering differentiated customer experiences by fusing expertise and technological competencies with new technologies that bring about digital innovation. It thus plans to fully lead the upgrading of customer lifestyle to a new level with IT services. We will continue to innovate in the future with your unfailing support and interest. (The End)