CJ Foodville Refurbishes the First Basement Floor of Incheon International Airport as a “Delicacy Space”


- CJ Foodville opened “family-owned restaurants” for select dining at “CJ Food World,” an eat-out cultural space complex where gourmet traditional Korean restaurants are gathered

- It transformed the space into a must-visit space for those using the airport, promoting its customized convenience facilities such as “Hoho Meal” and “Spa on Air”

The first basement floor of Incheon International Airport in Korea is rising as a new hidden “gourmet space” for travelers using the airport. CJ Foodville announced on June 7 that it refurbished the Transportation Center and the basement of the airport’s Passenger Terminal 1, which is about 8,500 m² large.

◆“CJ Food World,” an eat-out cultural space complex with the representative brands of CJ Foodville

First, on the east side, “CJ Food World” has opened as an eat-out cultural space complex, where the restaurant management knowledge and competency of CJ Foodville are integrated. It consists of five restaurant brands developed by CJ Foodville such as Seasonstable, Soban, Cheiljemyunso, Bangkok 9, Chinafactory Express, and Gyeong Yang Restaurant. From neat Korean, Chinese, and Western dishes, to original Asian ethnic foods, travelers using the airport can enjoy at once different foods as a part of their trip. An unmanned ordering kiosk has also been introduced, shortening the waiting time for busy travelers.

◆ Select dining at “Family-owned restaurant,” where traditional Korean gourmet restaurants and food technology have been merged

Traditional Korean gourmet restaurants are gathered here as well. Across CJ Food World are “Family-owned restaurant” for select dining: “Gebang Sikdang,” a restaurant that specializes in soy sauce–preserved crabs introduced in the Michelin guide; “Manseokjang,” which offers tasty tofu dishes handed down over three generations; “Yeongdong Seolleongtang,” which has 40 years of tradition; and “Hangukjip,” a restaurant that specializes in traditional Jeonju Bibimbap. The restaurants plan to satiate the appetite of not only Korean travelers tired from a long trip, but also foreign travelers who want to try traditional Korean foods.

Here, CJ OliveNetworks has introduced its “One Order” smart store solution to shorten the waiting time and make ordering more convenient. “One Order” is an innovative store management solution that has customers use tablets installed at each table to order from the menu and automatically delivers the order to the kitchen and staff wearing smart watches. In particular, the tablets provide the menus in the four languages of English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean for the enhanced convenience of foreign travelers.

◆ Various convenience facilities customized to travelers using the airport, such as “Hoho Meal” and “Spa on Air,” are found here.

“Hoho Meal,” where one can enjoy snacks like Tteokbokki and Gimbap, is popular among travelers and airport staff seeking inexpensive simple meals. On the other hand, “Spa on Air” is drawing attention as a premium spa and sauna space installed in an airport for the first time in the world. It offers a comfortable lounge, a sleeping room, and a Korean dry sauna room for travelers tired from a long trip to comfortably rest. 

Other than these, one can find here “Twosome Place” of a unique traveler concept, which can be found only at the airport, and “Hanok,” a Korean restaurant operated by Hanwha Hotels and Resorts in collaboration with Michelin Star Chef Tony Yu. A total of 22 brands are planned to consecutively open here until December this year.

◆ CJ Food World to hold opening promotions at three branches including the one at Incheon International Airport

CJ Food World will hold a promotional event at three branches, including Jamsil Lotte and COEX Mall, in commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the brand and the opening of the Incheon International Airport branch. If one orders more than KRW 10,000 worth of food from June 11 until July 1, a side menu will be provided for free. For details, check the CJ ONE website starting June 11.

“The basement of Incheon International Airport was formerly not frequented much by visitors and known little by travelers using the airport, despite being a large space. We have transformed the space into an attractive must-visit space through the renewal this time by opening here stores that offer various convenience facilities. We hope people will start their summer vacation this year at the basement of the airport,” said an officer of CJ Foodville.