CJ OliveNetworks Big Data Center Selected as a “2018 Center Specializing in Big Data,” by the National Information Society Agency (NIA)



[CJ OliveNetworks = May 16, 2018 (Wednesday)] CJ OliveNetworks announced that its Big Data Center was finally selected as a “2018 center specializing in big data” by the National Information Society Agency (NIA) of Korea.


NIA accepted applications from about 130 big data centers in Korea since March, formed an expert deliberation committee, and comprehensively evaluated the centers’ organization, current state of data, and plans for creating data ecosystems. It then selected a total of 33 specialized centers.


CJ OliveNetworks’s Big Data Center was established in April 2017 to produce data within the CJ Group and create an efficient distribution system. It has since provided comprehensive big data services, including technological support for analyses and algorithm development, in addition to data distribution. The center operates “Q-Finder,” a platform that analyzes social big data to grasp in real time the latest trends and public opinion information, using technology to analyze them.


In addition, it proceeded “The 2017 Data Trading and Brokerage Pilot Project” hosted by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, and has built a platform for the food materials supply and consumption data, thereby actively joining the efforts made to vitalize the data transaction ecosystem.


As the center has finally been selected as a specialized center, CJ OliveNetworks will maintain a mutually cooperative system with other centers that specialize in big data in each field such as finance, environment, distribution, communications, and medicine. It will thus actively participate in big data network consultative group.


“Turning data into resources is an important cornerstone in reinforcing the future competitiveness of companies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era,” said an executive director Sim Tak-gil of the CJ OliveNetworks Big Data Center. “As our center has been selected as a ‘2018 center specializing in big data,’ we will pursue projects for a highly effective cooperation between industries and the academe, as well as actively support the expanded scope of exchanges,” he continued. (End)