Emotion Recognition Robot Pepper Shows Up at CGV



- Pilot operation in CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall from October 1
- Provides recommendations, impromptu auditions, shuffle games, SNS selfie events, and other fun events


CJ CGV has revealed its plans to operate the world’s first emotion recognition robot, SoftBank Robotics’ “Pepper,” in CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall.
Pepper is a humanoid robot developed by the SoftBank Robotics in 2014. CGV is the first place in Korea to host a pilot operation of the robot. Visitors to the CGV Yongsan I Park Mall’s 7th floor will be able to meet and talk to Pepper from October 1, with an expected operation period of two months. Pepper is expected to provide a unique experience for the visitors of the theater, such as movie recommendations and impromptu games.
Pepper is capable of free movement of the head, arms, knees, and the finger digits, and is built with a suite of emotion recognition sensors that allow the robot to recognize the other’s emotion. This pilot run is a part of CGV’s long-term efforts to use proactive interaction technology and AI-based emotion recognition services for a more personalized and enjoyable service. The software for the Pepper robot was developed by CJ OliveNetworks itself, the group’s spearhead in the development of robotics and other convergence technologies.


Pepper’s trial run, the first in Korea, will offer visitors to CGV a host of interesting information and benefits associated with their visit.
Pepper is capable of providing real-time information, recommending the closest fit to the visitor’s preferences on time. In addition to the information on the film, Pepper also provides the reservation rate and CGV Golden Egg quotient, the review score from the survey of visitors who have watched the film in CGV. What is perhaps more impressive, however, is the host of entertainment services that Pepper is designed to perform. The “Impromptu Audition” program, for example, has the customer acting out Pepper’s facial expression prompts. Customers with high scores, determined by the sensors installed in the robot, will be rewarded with various coupons. “Shuffle Game,” where Pepper shuffles the coupon with witty comments for the customer, is another game offered by Pepper. The “SNS Selfie Event,” which is exclusive to October, rounds out the offerings. Customers can join Pepper in re-enacting the protagonists of the films at the box office until October 31, take a selfie, and upload to photos to Instagram with the hashtag #CGVYongsanIParkMallPepper, and also become eligible for the lucky draw to win movie tickets (two per winner). 

Team leader In-je Sung of the CGV Cultureplex Planning Team commented: “We have prepared this event to offer a new side of CGV’s innovative offerings, such as the VR experience zone V BUSTERS and Open Studio” and “We hope that this event can create fond memories for the visitors of CGV Yongsan I Park Mall”. (End)