Robot software automates repetitive tasks performed by humans
to support fast and accurate processing.

RPA provides a work environment where employees can engage in more meaningful tasks by reducing work hours.
In line with increasingly diversified and detailed corporate regulations, it can be utilized to respond to compliance and prevent risks in advance.

RPA Service


1. RPA Service Implementation (SI)

Based on the customers’ business environments, we establish optimized services to support corporate innovation and change.
We provide visibility, timeliness, and consistency for inefficient tasks based on the latest trends and our establishment and operation know-how.

  • All-in-One Service: We provide solutions throughout all processes from consulting on determining automation tasks and application of standardized work to establishment and effect verification.
  • On-Demand Service: We minimize the consulting process and remote installation period of the system.
Implementation Process
  1. 1. Organization formation BPO selection
  2. 2. Task-finding workshop
  3. 3. Selection of candidate tasks and the final tasks
  4. 4. Project implementation
  5. 5. Verification of effects

2. RPA Service Management (SM)

We pursue the digital transformation of customers by securing high service availability and supporting work innovation.
We provide IT services that meet the needs of work environments, such as usage-based cloud service and On-Premise service.

  • We enhance performance quality and security levels as well as systemize operation mastery to offer stable services.
RPA operation
Service Strategy Establishment
  • Support work innovation
  • Service quality control
  • Information security management
  • Knowledge management
Service Provision
  • Incident management
  • Modification management
  • Distribution management
  • Malfunction management

3. RPA Consulting, Technical Support, and Solution Distribution Services

Our industry-specific technology and business experts analyze customers’ work environments and deduce optimal procedures to provide provisions that can maximize business competitiveness.
We provide service distribution of solutions through a transparent and flexible supply chain built on work automation consulting and 24/7 technical support.

  • RPA consulting: We analyze existing work status and suggest RPA outputs.
  • Technical support: We ensure service stability and internalization of technical capability through emergency support, regular checkup, and technical support training.
  • Solution distribution: We recommend case-based RPA solutions that are suitable for respective businesses and duties with our clear price policy.


1. Business and Technical Experts

Our top-class professionals provide innovation optimized for customers’ businesses to raise their value.

2. Customized Service

We produce customized services by subdividing existing SI/SM services, such as SaaS-type RPA installation/operation and personalization service (RDA).

3. Convergence Service

We expand the range of business innovation through the convergence of various services, such as AI chatbot, Vision AI, and VA (virtual assistant).


  1. 1. We automated a total of 124 tasks of Company A in sales, production, finance, Research and Development, and management support departments through two phases, resulting in approximately 123,000 hours of work reduction and the improvement of 29 work processes.
  2. 2. We automated 22 tasks in the delivery, warehouse management, third-party logistics (3PL) of Company B, reducing around 17,000 hours of work and standardizing 15 work processes.
  3. 3. We automated 14 tasks in the financial, IT operations, and SCM areas of Company C. We have reduced about 6,700 hours of work per year, standardized 11 work processes, and been carrying out a project to expand work automation across the entire company.


  1. 1. The robot software visits various websites, logs in, records the necessary information in Excel, validates it, and automatically enters it into the system.
  2. 2. It retrieves information on stores from a search engine, and finds wrong addresses and phone numbers and updates them with the correct information.
  3. 3. It instinctively analyzes the results of efficient sampling of product appearance images to detect defects.
  4. 4. It automatically creates daily reports, such as sales data, stock status, as well as receipts and payments, and sends them through email.