We provide total solutions based on digital technologies
to support differentiated customer experience and
the maximization of operational efficiency.

We present exciting experience-based shopping to buyers in our aim to provide solutions that effectively respond to the demand
for the transition to digital stores, which support efficient store operations based on data.

Digital Store


1. Digital In-Store Marketing

Both first-time and more experienced digital store customers can have differentiated shopping experiences through digital interactive spaces and personalized targeted marketing.

  • Interactive Display: Provides customized contents for the maximization of customer participation and sales improvement through interactive services combining face and motion recognition, big data, etc.
  • Chatbot Advisor: Implements the unrestricted O2O commerce environment to increase purchase conversion rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with AI messenger-based search, a customer center, recommendation system, and order services.
  • AR/VR Marketing: Provides realistic and highly immersive shopping experiences beyond the limits of existing online and off-line channels to maximize marketing effects.
  • Software Beacon: It strengthens the inflow of people into the store and buyer motivation through personalized push marketing services using Wi-Fi and geomagnetic information. It also provides insight for efficient operations through a store traffic analysis.

2. Digital In-Store Sales

We ensure that we keep our operational efficiency management up-to-date throughout the store’s operational processes such as display stand management, inventory management, and payment based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile technology.

  • Electronic Shelf Label (ESL): Reduces manual work and operating expenses through the real-time control of price information on display products; creates upselling and cross-selling opportunities in connection with promotions and online information.
  • In-Store Geolocation: Customers can quickly identify their desired products through the real-time control of products on display stands, and employees can efficiently display products and perform inventory replenishment works.
  • Mobile POS: Reduces order processing and payment time, and dramatically improves real-time information inquiry and on-site customer responsiveness to contribute to the enhancement of customer convenience and better purchase conversion rates.


1. Attractive Shopping Experience

We strengthen in-store customers’ digital experiences and shopping convenience.

  • We ensure that we provide highly responsive services to customers and induce them to buy products with ease to increase their interest in the overall shopping experience.
  • We expanded customer experience spaces to increase sales opportunities linked with purchases, ultimately increasing visitors’ length of stay in the store.

2. Personalized Marketing

We improve profitability through real-time customized customer responses and promotions that combine mobile technology and customer data.

  • We provide the same shopping experience between online and off-line to support an increase in the number of customer visits between channels.
  • We expand the inflow of outside customers into the store, using location-based services and promotional information. We create sales opportunities through upselling and cross-selling based on a big data analysis with the use of individual customer information and product analyses.

3. Operational Excellency

We collect and manage a variety of store information such as sales, merchandise, inventory, and the history of consumer purchasing, and strengthen the competitiveness of store operations through business process automation.

  • We eliminate frequently repeated manual work such as price changes and support so that store employees can focus on customer communications based on product expertise.
  • We minimize operational issues such as sales losses, which occur because of inventory shortage or an increase in maintenance expenses, caused by excess inventory, through real-time inventory information.


Health & Beauty Store

We send discount coupons and other items to potential customers near the store by using location-based services. You can get a recommendation of products suitable for your skin type with the interactive display and chatbot installed in the store. You are guided to the location of the relevant products with the function of in-store geolocation so that you can select products easily and simply. You can immediately identify product information by scanning the QR code of an electronic price indicator. Using mobile POS, a payment can quickly be made without standing in line at a counter. Moreover, a personalized price is presented to induce customer purchases.

Food & Beverage Store

Marketing with AR/VR technology helps increase customer engagement and get viral effects. The smart kiosk and the table order at the store simplify the order and payment process to enable the store’s more efficient operation. You can also help us improve our quality of service by filling out a customer satisfaction survey that makes use of location-based services.