BatchOne is an integrated batch management solution facilitating
the automatic processing of related work projects.

The automatic processing (batch) and management of regular/irregular work projects based on a work schedule allows
the consistent processing of work relation, monitoring, error response, and corrective measures.



1. Web-Based UI

Customers are provided with a web-based UI with an intuitive representation of batch management process.

2. Batch Work Management

The batch work management process visualizes the relationship between the work projects of different systems, and sets the processing cycle on calendar-based regular, irregular, and simultaneous processes.

3. Real-Time Monitoring

Provides an intuitive visualization of the overall batch work status.

4. Authorization Management

Offers user/group batch access control and administrator privileges.

5. Alert Service

Provides real-time notification on errors and exceptions such as batch failure, suspension, delay, and others.

- BatchOne Architecture

  • Batch Manager
  • Batch Management Server
    Run local batch(Command)
    • Batch registration
    • Process management
    • Authentication management
    • Log management
    • Monitoring
  • Remote Run Server
    • Windows Server
      Remote run(WinRM)
      Prgram : Agentless (Batch run)
    • Linux Server
      Remote run (SSH)
      Prgram : Agentless, Agent (Batch run)
    • Unix Server
      Remote run (SSH)
      Prgram : Agentless, Agent (Batch run)


1. Enhanced Batch Management Efficiency

Allows efficiency through the integrated management of individual batch work and intuitive UI.
The visualization of the relationship between the work projects of different systems and the integrated, central management of individual batch processes offer enhanced productivity and user convenience.

2. Increased Batch Stability

Constant monitoring allows quick response and stable operation in case of failures.
Dashboard provides a real-time overview of batch processes, and in the case of failures, automatic alert systems (Messaging and E-Mail) allow quick response from persons-in-charge.


  • High degrees of OS compatibility allow the integrated management of different servers, and simple SSH access allows users to access batch registration, process management, authentication management, log management, and monitoring services.
  • Users can configure and manage precedence relations between batch projects, allowing automation and the enhancement of system stability.
  • Issue responses can be checked through the program, with automatic updates to status information for restarts.
  • Batch projects may be defined through various configurations (calendar, process type, notification service, precedence relation, etc.).