“What is CJ SW Creative Camp?”

It is CJ OliveNetworks' leading talent donation program
that helps growing children experience software coding in easier and funnier way,
thereby enabling them to develop creativity and logical thinking skills.

YouTube Video on 2016 CJ SW Creative Camp

CJ올리브네트웍스의 대표적인 재능기부 프로그램인 CJ 소프트웨어 창의캠프 소개 영상입니다.
임직원들로 구성된 창의캠프 선생님들의 얼굴에는, 열정과 설렘이 묻어납니다.
아이들은 소프트웨어를 쉽고 재미있게 배울 수 있는 스크래치 프로그래밍 교육 과정을 통해, 집중하고 도전을 즐기는 모습입니다.

Meet the lively scene of our children enjoying and concentrating their passion and learning
with their teachers at ‘CJ SW Creative Camp’ consisting of CJ OliveNetworks employees!

Creativity improves as you build blocks.

We run the coding program that suit the level of children who do not have programming experience before.
Children learn coding as they are playing with blocks and fall into the fun of coding. In the process of cracking the coding,
they can develop the problem-solving ability and the creativity even without realizing it.

The concentration increases and the way one thinks changes.

Coding is a sophisticated technology that creates something new by combining a myriad of texts.
Children search for answers with infinite focus. They will develop the ability to think in
various ways out of fixed answers and frames.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment by making games.

It gives the kids who like games the opportunity to create their own games.
Children become game planners, create stories, become designers and draw pictures.
They can also become a game developer and bring life to their characters.
They can’t stop smiling when they make games.

Having confidence that they are not be afraid of failure.

Children continue to experiment with confidence and spirit of challenge to achieve their goals.
They never get frustrated or gives up even by repeated failures.
They share their achievements with their friends and enjoy the pleasure of learning.