Accumulated CJ Gift Card sales top USD 819.16 million three years after launch


▲ Four most popular types of CJ Gift Cards


- CJ Gift Card’s sales grew more than double since its USD 8.2 million record during its 2017 release

- The most purchased product on KakaoTalk Gift, and the most used service at OLIVE YOUNG stores

- Improving customer loyalty through an innovative service for untact consumption


[CJ OliveNetworks = Thu. Mar. 26, 2020] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO, Cha In-hyok) announced that the accumulated sales of CJ Gift Card exceeded USD 819.16 million.


CJ Gift Card is a prepaid card that not only allows customers to pay at CJ brand stores but also helps them earn CJ ONE points upon payment. There are different types of cards: brand-specific cards exclusively for OLIVE YOUNG, CGV, A TWOSOME PLACE, or CJ The Market and nonbrand-specific cards for all CJ brands. Moreover, customers can load USD 4.00 up to USD 409.60 on their card. 


Since its release in June 2017, the card can be purchased via online stores, such as KakaoTalk Gift, 11Street, TMON, and PAYCO, in addition to CJ’s offline ones, including OLIVE YOUNG and CGV.


Furthermore, CJ OliveNetworks achieved sales of USD 8.2 million sales in the first year when GJ Gift Card was released. The company keeps expanding distribution channels for CJ Gift Card, resulting in sales of USD 22.9 million in 2018 followed by USD 819.16 million in 2019, growing more than double per year. If this rise continues throughout the year, annual sales are expected to amount to USD 81.9 million. 


According to the analysis of customer objectives, approximately 90% of regular customers bought the card as a gift, while businesses purchased it for job promotion and holiday gifts. In particular, this prepaid card can be used at 4,000 online and offline stores, which has received a positive response from businesses. Given this, CJ OliveNetworks has added an exclusive B2B order system for CJ Gift Card, which can be found on the CJ ONE website.


In the case of customer buying patterns, most customers visited OLIVE YOUNG, followed by A TWOSOME PLACE, and CJ O Shopping, with 80% of them preferring to purchase products via offline stores. 


With the rise of the untact economy, CJ OliveNetworks has extended online shopping channels and released CJ Gift Cards with 50 design options available, depending on the purpose of the gifts. In addition, CJ OliveNetworks also offers various benefits related to the promotional events of its subsidiaries, such as meal coupons for CJ Foodville brands and extra CJ ONE points to increase customer loyalty. 


“It’s more convenient to register your CJ Gift Card on the CJ ONE application that provides more benefits, such as CJ ONE points and automatic reloading,” said Kim Tae-hun, head of the AD Tech Team at CJ OliveNetworks. Kim continued, “We will upgrade and expand the CJ Gift Card so that our customers can use it as a major payment method at CJ brand stores.”



▲ How to register a CJ Gift Card via the CJ ONE application