CJ OliveNetworks Trains All Employees to Become AI Experts


- Employees will seek opportunities to expand future growth businesses that provide customer value by reinforcing their AI technology competency.
- To manage systemic courses from the Introductory to Basic, In-depth, and Expert courses, and provide the opportunity to participate in conferences held overseas
- All employees are to be trained as competent people in AI and DT technologies driven by the strong will of the company’s CEO Lee Kyung-bae, who has emphasized these skills

[CJ OliveNetworks = May 22, 2019 (Wednesday)] CJ OliveNetworks’ IT Business Division (CEO Lee Kyung-bae) is holding “AI Academy” as an educational program to train all its employees to become AI experts.

The program aims to enhance the work efficiency of all employees and provide them with the opportunity to improve their awareness of AI by reinforcing their technological competency in AI as a key technology of DT. 

In particular, it reflects the strong will of CJ OliveNetworks’ CEO who has emphasized the importance of competency in DT technologies and the training of AI experts at all times to expand new growth businesses and provide new value to the company’s clients. As such, the program was expanded to provide the training to all employees. 
From new employees to executives, even the CEO and those working in legal affairs, finance, and human resources, about all 1,200 employees in CJ OliveNetworks’ IT Business Division will have to participate in the “AI Academy” starting May without any exception.

The “AI Academy” educational program will be provided for different levels divided into ▲ Introductory, ▲ Basic, ▲ In-depth, and ▲ Expert courses starting May until October. 

To employees who work in technological fields, high-level, in-depth, and expert lectures will be provided to empower them to become true AI experts, while employees who work in supporting fields will be allowed to get a step closer to the latest IT trends by learning the basic concept and knowledge of AI.

The Introductory course targeting all employees will be held for six weeks, and it will consist of online lectures, practical training, and tests. It will include courses on understanding the basic concept and its use of Python (a programming language), basic statistics and the ways to explore data and how to design algorithms. 

Employees who are selected after taking the tests prepared for each stage will get to move to the next stages of Basic, In-Depth, and Expert courses. Those participating in the Expert courses will get to use open source software Tensor Flow to develop machine and deep learning. 

In addition, the “AI Race” of putting into practice what has been learned through the “AI Academy” will be held. The first stage, “automation race,” will be an in-house contest on the theme of proposing and realizing work automation scenarios using Python. 

The second stage, “algorithm race,” will be a contest of using AWS DeepRacer self-driving vehicles to hold racing and try machine learning. 

Those who finish the training with excellent scores will have the opportunity to participate in AI conferences held overseas or graduate school AI programs for industry-academe cooperation.

“The greater use of AI is inevitable as a key technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that provides optimal proposals individually by speedily grasping client behavior. By providing the opportunity to teach it to all employees, we expect to use AI more for actual work, provide customer value, and seek opportunities to expand future new growth businesses,” said Park Seong-jin who is directing works related to human resources and training in CJ OliveNetworks’ IT Business Division. 

CJ OliveNetworks has previously held Mobile Academy in 2017, targeting all its employees, and a campaign of each member making one app. The company plans to continue providing educational programs on key technologies related to its main businesses in the future as well.
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