CJ OliveNetworks Holds “2018 X20 Social Hackathon” with Hanyang University


- Prepared a “hackathon” contest under the theme of “solving social problems of marginalized people,” and a total of 100 people applied for the contest
- About 40 CJ Group staff members participate as mentors to provide professional help in planning and developing software, thereby donating their talent 

[CJ OliveNetworks = November 15, 2018 (Thursday)] CJ OliveNetworks announced that it holds the “2018 CJ OliveNetworks – Hanyang University X20 Social Hackathon” in the Olympic Gymnasium of Hanyang University for 3 days, from November 15 to 17. 

The event was planned as part of “X20,” a representative contest exhibit of “HUBPOT,” which is an open innovation platform of CJ OliveNetworks. X20 is a business start-up idea contest exhibit that embodies the venture spirit of creating something (O) out of nothing (X). It was held three times last year targeting youth business starters.   

In particular, the contest is all the more meaningful this time because it is held under the theme of “IT-based ideas for solving social problems suffered by marginalized people,” thereby creating social value through a software contest. The contest is also distinctive this time since it is organized jointly with Hanyang University’s “LINC+ (Leaders in Industry-university Cooperation+)” team, to encourage the participation of the youth.  

Applications for participation were received for 10 days from November 1 to 11 through the HUBPOT website. One hundred applicants from diverse fields, including students from high school to graduate school, as well as those working in social venture and IT start-ups, requested participation in the contest.

The contest is held in the Olympic Gymnasium of Hanyang University with participants divided into an individual part and a group part. For the group part, 4 applicants in the fields of planning, development, and design are to form a team, and all the participants will get to compete for 48 hours in the form of a “hackathon.” Hackathon is a compound of the words “hacking” and “marathon,” and it means an event where participants intensively develop ideas under a theme within a set time. 

Here, about 40 staff members of CJ Group’s subsidiaries working in jobs related to planning, marketing, development and design, participate as mentors and donate their talent. They are expected to support the contestants create business concepts and materialize ideas related to social problems by practicing their professional knowledge in each field. 

The Grand Prix awardees in each section will be granted a prize of one million won and the opportunity to connect their ideas with actual corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. 

“We prepared this event to discover future-oriented social contribution models that have merged information and communications technology (ICT) in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. We hope the participants will fully exercise their business capability and technological expertise to solve various social problems faced by Korean society,” a CJ OliveNetworks officer said.

CJ OliveNetworks has been running an online open innovation platform “HUBPOT” (www.hubpot.co.kr) since 2016 to support the growth of start-ups. The platform has discovered start-ups and venture firms in possession of new business models or smart technologies. It is also supporting mentoring and accelerating programs to promising companies for the stabilization of their business models in the early stage. And it provides them with opportunities to commercialize their ideas, thereby creating an ecosystem for innovative growth. (The end)