We offer renowned IT infrastructure solution from Huawei,
a global total ICT solution company.

Through our specialized products, we supply and ensure the stable operation of server, storage, network, and other system equipment.

HUAWEI co. Distribution


1. Server and Storage

Intel® Xeon®, the latest multi-core processor from Intel, ensures that our customers have access to high-quality server and storage products that are optimized to the customer environment. Huawei server/storage systems combine the pinnacle of performance and utility with energy-saving technology.

2. Network

We offer high-performance IT network products optimized for data centers and ISP customers.

3. Appliances

A combination of our high-performance solutions and Huawei’s technical expertise brings our customers the best of both worlds in cost and utility.


1. High-Availability Server and Storage

  • Our high-availability solutions feature a heat-resistant design (operation guaranteed up to 45°C) and service continuity.
  • The vibration- and shock-resistant design minimizes the possibility of system failure.
  • Our products proudly feature the Green IT Energy design for efficiency (over 94% efficiency guaranteed).

2. Network Compatibility

  • Our equipment is compatible with all major vendor equipment
    (VRP platforms implemented in all campus switches, Cisco equipment synchronization and private protocols, etc.)

3. Top-Quality Appliances

  • Our strict BMT ensures that we meet the needs of our customers with appliances of the highest quality, optimized for on-site operation environment.


1. We offer a wide variety of IT solutions designed to support the competitiveness and growth of our customers.

2. Our services offer cost reduction through stability in operation.

By providing our server, network, and storage appliances through a single vendor, we reduce the maintenance costs of our systems and ensure maximum stability through the internal production, design, and inspection of our components.


  1. 1. Supplier of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games Network Equipment
  2. 2. Dongyang Insurance Server Replacement Project
  3. 3. Gangwon Land Disaster Response Center Server Infrastructure Supply
  4. 4. CJ ENM E&M Div., CGV, and Hello: SAP HANA appliance, aged equipment replacement, NPS storage, network equipment, etc.
  5. 5. Korea Express: SAP HANA appliance, PAS system, etc.