We manage and support storage, unloading, and transportation works based
on the standard process. Moreover, we support logistical efficiency through
differentiated additional services
(vehicle and inventory control and specialized modules by business type).

ELiSS is the latest IT technology-based logistics solution launched in 2017 by reflecting accumulated knowledge and skills for logistics operations and
the advantages of the existing logistics system. It provides the tools necessary for supply planning and implementation, as well as the service that
can quickly apply various processes through process standardization and the systematization of logistics strategies.



1. Support for the Optimization of Logistics Strategies and Process Standardization

We diagnose the status of logistics operations to draw optimal strategies, and we support the standardization of the complex logistics process.
We analyze the operational status of customer logistics to establish optimal logistics strategies, and we organize and support standard information and the logistics process to standardize the complex logistics process.

2. Establishment of Supply Planning, Logistics Implementation, and the Information Analysis System

We established a customized logistics system with professionals by field.
Logistics IT professionals analyze, design, and develop customer requirements to establish the logistics system optimized for the customer business environment stably in a short period. With this, we have prepared various price policies to provide the system suitable for the scale of operation.

3. Provision of the Standard Logistics System in the Form of SaaS and IT Services

We provide cloud-based logistics systems and IT services.
We provide a logistics system that can be accessed at a low cost without any initial infrastructure investment. As a total IT services provider with responsibilities such as the IDC technical support for CJ Olive Networks, we offer strong information security.

- ELiSS Logistics

  • 3D engine
  • Becon
  • Biometrics
  • AR/VR
  • Visualization
  • Voice recognition
  • Mobile Device
  • Resource Control System
  • Inventory Control System
  • Vehicle Control System
  • Port Control System
  • Warehouse Control System

  • Biz Management System (Portal)
  • Big Data (Forecasting model)
  • Visual information System (VIS)

  • Order Management System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Transportation Management System
  • Visibility Management System
  • Equipment Management System
  • AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)
  • RGV (Rail Guided Vehicle)
  • Conveyor bel
  • Sorter
  • IoT Sensor
  • Forklift
  • Robot


1. Support Various Types of Logistics

We support various logistics industries from customers operating logistics independently to those using third-party logistics companies (3PL).
We are ready to operate food, fresh products, pharmaceutical, electric and electronic, fashion, cosmetics, and e-commerce logistics structured in a way in which standard, strategy, process, and other kinds of information can be applied only with changing the settings without the need for system modification.

2. Improvement in IT Productivity

We provide powerful management tools and active frameworks according to the types of user groups, such as administrators, field workers, and system operators.
With this, you can increase your work efficiency by using management tools specialized by user group, and eliminate the development of unnecessary systems with possible system personalization.

3. Visibility of the Match between Information and Real Things

We can monitor logistics information and the flow of products, and provide real-time indicator information.
You can immediately analyze and report information because the logistics system is modularized to be provided on the same platform and logistics information, information about the flow of products, and indicator information are provided in real time.


1. Maximization of Resource Utilization

We systematically forecast the resources for logistics operations to determine whether to increase, decrease, or hold off inputs.
You can realize the active operation of logistics resources through the real-time status and forecast information about the resources for logistics operations such as spaces, vehicles, and personnel. You can also determine whether potential resources are leaked to maximize resource utilization.

2. Cost Saving

We reduce costs in various areas such as IT investment and operating costs, logistics costs, and resource costs.
You can cut costs in various areas from cost reduction related to IT establishment and operation to the reduction of logistics costs through increased productivity after system introduction.

3. Management Indicator Improvement

We improve the levels of management indicators through the establishment of logistics indicators and performance indicators.
You can establish the performance management system for the processing rates, productivity, and delay rates of logistics to manage risk factors. Moreover, you can improve the levels of management indicators through efficient work plans and control management.


Establishment of the global food network system of CJ Freshway: ELiSS Logistics and ELiSS Distribution have been constructed for a food materials distribution and logistics business characterized by nonstandardization and denormalization in Vietnam in 2017.