CJ OliveNetworks builds smart store solution “One Order” for Paul Bassett


- Smart store solution “One Order” being successively applied to Paul Bassett stores nationwide 
- A kiosk for non–face-to-face ordering and paying, as well as an Order Display System (ODS) for confirming the order breakdown in real time, will be built. 
- With the possible reduced customer waiting time and operational cost, efficient store management is expected.

[CJ OliveNetworks=February 22, 2021 (Monday)] CJ OliveNetworks (CEO Cha In-hyok) is building the smart store solution “One Order” at Paul Bassett coffee specialty stores.

One Order is a digital store solution providing differentiated experiences and services to customers in line with the non–face-to-face consumption trends, as well as reduced cost to producers.

One can use diverse devices, such as kiosks, tablet PCs, mobiles, and smartwatches, for the digitalization of the entire process from customer waiting to ordering, producing, calling staff, and paying. This will enable more efficient store management.

Kiosks in which customers can place orders and pay non–face-to-face, as well as ODS in which baristas can confirm the order breakdown in real time, are expected to be applied.

The kiosk user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) have been optimized to the Paul Bassett image, and the system will be upgraded in the future for largely improved customer convenience.

The relevant system has been built first at the Paul Bassett Gangnam Samsung Town branch store and will be spread to stores nationwide. 

Paul Bassett launched a mobile ordering service that enables placing orders in advance using an application in April 2019. Furthermore, it has responded in advance to the COVID-19 situation by expanding non–face-to-face ordering channels, such as the Naver smart ordering and delivering platform, as well as drive thru.

Recently, it came to build the smart store solution One Order to enable customers to use the stores without direct contact with the staff. This is expected to reduce the customer waiting time and management costs, thereby maximizing customer satisfaction and efficient store management. 

“With One Order, we will be able to efficiently use the time and workforce necessary for placing orders and paying, as well as provide a safe and smart service experience for enhanced customer satisfaction,” said Park Hyeon-u, the smart store team leader at CJ OliveNetworks. “We expect the introduction of One Order at distribution and restaurant businesses to expedite further this year as well in line with the spread of the non–face-to-face consumption culture,” he continued. (The End)