A Lifestyle Leader CJ ONE Meets the Young “Culture Insiders!” The Orientation Site of the Second Group of CJ ONE Creators



Despite the freezing weather on January 11, the burning passion of the college students who started working on a special external activity at CJ OliveNetworks headquarters made us forget the cold.

This was the first orientation of the second group of “CJ ONE Creators,” which consists of the college student supporters of CJ ONE.


CJ ONE, a comprehensive lifestyle membership service of CJ Group, prepared the program to develop trendy services and contents with college students who have new and youthful sensibilities.


The first group completed the various missions with creative ideas for four months from March last year, and the second group will follow their activities, backed with full support from CJ One. Let us then meet the new stars who will recharge CJ ONE with vibrant energy full of talent and passion.


The college students who started their activities as “CJ ONE Creators Group 2”

were filled with both tension and expectations.


The 38 college students who were selected as Group 2 of CJ ONE Creators through an intense competition gathered to learn more about CJ ONE and be guided on how to accomplish their missions.

First, the main services of CJ ONE were introduced, followed by a detailed explanation of “One Order,” a smart store solution of CJ OliveNetworks IT Business Division, which is related to the current mission.


 * What is One Order?

One Order is a next-generation IT solution for store management that provides smart services using mobile devices, such as tablet PCs or smart watch, from customer visits to orders, payments, production, and delivery. For example, when a consumer places an order from the menu with a tablet PC placed on a table or calls the staff, the requests are transmitted in real time to the smart watch worn by the staff. These services can dramatically reduce the moving and waiting time inside a store, enhance its management efficiency, and maximize consumer convenience. One can find this smart solution at CJ Food World (Traditional Korean Dining) inside Incheon International Airport and some Cheil Jemyunso restaurants.


 △The creators avidly took notes and photos to make sure not to miss any part of the given explanations.


CJ ONE Creators will engage in activities until March. In particular, they will accomplish missions to not only gain CJ ONE service ideas that target “Generation Z” but also seek measures to vitalize “One Order.”

Now, it’s time to choose “leaders,” who will lead the members with the goal of completing their mission.

The supporters eagerly appealed and promised to actively play their role as leaders with responsibility, and showed their unrivaled passion and sincerity.


 The Creators who were selected as leaders expressed their thoughts and ambition.

In addition, the creators met the “mentors” who would be their pillars of support during their activities. Those who stepped forth to work as mentors and help the CJ ONE Creators accomplish their missions were staff members involved in CJ ONE marketing, and solutions and platforms development.

The mentors are expected to help make the creative and unique ideas of the Creators fly as well as wholeheartedly cheer for and support the Creators throughout their activities.


 The first meeting between CJ ONE Creators and their mentors!

We look forward to its synergistic effects on the group.

Finally, the first mission of the second group of CJ ONE Creators was unveiled! It was to perform market research on the teenager customers who use CJ ONE and personally visit the stores where the “One Order” solution was introduced.

As soon as the first mission was revealed, the Creators immediately held meetings to brainstorm ideas with their mentors and start a healthy discussion on how to accomplish the mission.



 The first mission of the second group of CJ ONE Creators fully kicked off!

The Creators sincerely held meetings with their mentors.

Then, let us listen to the testimonies and ideas of two CJ ONE Creators who participated in the day’s discussion more passionately than anyone else.



“I want to learn more about CJ ONE, and develop my leadership and teamwork skills! This is a rare opportunity that I have gained through intense competition, so I want to collect various experiences related to the actual work and become a marketing expert.” — Kim Jong-woo of CJ ONE Creators, Group 2

I want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with team members who share the same goal, learn from the activities, and eventually join CJ! I have held a high interest in the subsidiary companies of the CJ Group, so I worked as a part-timer in them. I will work hard so that I can apply my experiences directly and indirectly to actual projects.” —Yoo Min-joo of CJ ONE Creators, Group 2

Thus, the second group of CJ ONE Creators took the first step of their special journey.

Through the activities, we hope that the Creators would not only breathe in fresh air into CJ ONE but also build knowledge on their own and grow one step further as “trend leaders.”

Let us support the activities of CJ ONE Creators, Group 2! (End) 



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