Top 10 News of CJ OliveNetworks in 2018


We have reached the end of the year, during which we should look back on the past year and make pledges for the new year. What happened then in the CJ OliveNetworks IT Business Division in 2018?


In 2018, the “PR Center” has worked hard to deliver various news both inside and outside the company. The past year particularly had many special days, thanks to news of many awards and events than any other year.


Among them, we have gathered below the top 10 news of 2018 that we want to look back at.
Let us follow the footsteps made in 2018 by CJ OliveNetworks IT Business Division.


1. Signed MOU to Vitalize the Urban Restoration of the Yongsan Electronics Shopping Center With Seoul City (April)



CJ OliveNetworks participated in “Yongsan Y-Valley Youth Start-up Platform Declaration Ceremony” hosted by Seoul City on April 3 and signed an MOU to vitalize the urban restoration of Yongsan Electronics Shopping Area. Through the MOU, we decided to regularly operate our leading talent donation program ‘SW(software) Creative Camp’ for the children and youth of marginalized class living in the Yongsan area. We also planned to actively participate in promoting youth startups in Yongsan by running a networking program via our online open innovation platform ‘Hubpot’. It was good news to boost our joint growth with the local community!


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CJ OliveNetworks Joins Efforts to Vitalize the Urban Restoration of the Yongsan Electronics Shopping Center

2. Selected as a Company for a Field Trip for the “Meeting with Companies Specializing in Data” by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT (April)


On April 6, Minister You Young-min of the Ministry of Science and ICT visited CJ OliveNetworks. The ministry had organized a “meeting with companies specializing in data” to encourage innovative growth based on “data,” and selected our company for a field trip. On this day, CJ OliveNetworks IT Business Division made a presentation of the cases of analysis and utilization of the data conducted by the CJ Group as a company that leads the use of big data and its plan to further vitalize related businesses. Minister You expressed his opinion that he was particularly deeply impressed by the case of forecasting consumer needs with data in advance and utilizing them for marketing. He also spent time demonstrating a humanoid robot and trying the face recognition signage solution located at the lobby on the 10th floor.


3. Selected as the “2018 Center Specializing in Big Data,” by the National Information Society Agency (May) 

In May, CJ OliveNetworks Big Data Center was selected as the ‘Big Data Center’ by the National Information Society Agency(NIA). NIA selected 33 specialized centers by comprehensively assessing data status and data ecosystem planning of 130 big data centers in Korea. Since its establishment in April 2017, our Big Data Center has been providing comprehensive big data services such as data distribution, algorithm development, analysis, and technology support and operating a “Q-Finder” platform that analyzes real-time public opinion information through social data analysis technology. As the center was selected as a specialized center, we have maintained a mutually cooperative system with other centers that specialize in big data in each field and also have continued a variety of activities as part of big data network consultative group.


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CJ OliveNetworks Big Data Center Selected as a “2018 Center Specializing in Big Data,” by the National Information Society Agency (NIA)


4. CheilJedang’s “Olive Market” and CJ Foodville’s “Traditional Korean Dining” Introduced Our IT Solutions (June) 



CJ CheilJedang has applied our technology in its “Olive Market,” a flagship store exclusive for home meal replacement(HMRs) launched in Ssangnim-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, last June. The technologies include Internet of Things (IoT) display shelf that react to consumer behavior and provide information on major products on their screen in real time and 3-D hologram technology that draws consumer attention with unique product advertisements. In addition, at the “Traditional Korean Dining” that CJ Foodville manages on the first basement floor of Incheon International Airport, one can find “One Order,” a smart store solution. With the solution, consumers can simply place their orders using a tablet PC positioned on tables and the staff can readily check the breakdown of orders with a smart watch. As such, our company is promoting “digital innovation” at contact points to consumers by introducing various new IT technologies at the affiliates of the CJ Group.


5. Started an in-house venture program ‘PLAY-LAB’ and was selected as the operating company of the ‘In-house Venture Incubation Project’ (June) 



An in-house venture program called ‘PLAY-LAB’ was started in our company this year. The ‘PLAY-LAB’ was designed to secure new growth engines for new businesses with competent personnel and establish a creative organizational culture. Through document screening and competitive presentations, two teams were finally selected as PLAY-LAB. By the end of the year, they worked hard to commercialize their ideas with firm support from the company. An independent office space and side facilities were given. Also the support funds and mentoring of experts related to business and technology, network and infrastructure of CJ Group’s affiliates were the benefits what PLAY-LAB members could get. Thus, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups selected CJ OliveNetworks as one of the companies for the “In-House Venture Incubation Project” in June and acknowledged the excellence of its expertise and infrastructure.


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CJ OliveNetworks to Manage the “In-House Venture Incubation Project” Supervised by the Korean Ministry of SMEs and Startups

6.  Integrated logistics solution ‘ELiSSONEcompleted the implementation of Warehouse Managment Sstem for NongHup Logis (July) 


CJ OliveNetworks’ integrated logistics solution “ELiSSONE” was successfully applied to the Warehouse Management System(WMS) for NongHyup Logisis. This is the first example of its potential growth and competitiveness in the logistics system market. “ELiSSONE”, which is designed to respond properly to the rapidly changing logistics environment and to customize systems for user needs. “ELiSSONE” safely manages the inventory of logistics center to minimize the occurrence of defects and implements upgraded logistics processes to increase efficiency. Our company plans to actively advance into the logistics system market starting with this external project.


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CJ OliveNetworks Completes the Building of a “Warehouse Management System” for NongHyup Logis


7. Received the “Minister of Science and ICT Award” at the 18th Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards (July) 



We had the glory of winning the Korean “Minister of Science and ICT Award” for the information and communications technology(ICT) field at this year’s Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards. The company was recognized as a leading company for ‘IT infrastructure transformation’ in order to pursue the digitalization such as innovating platforms and fusing new digital technologies. In particular, CJ OliveNetworks IT Business Division performed IT infrastructure innovation activities in five areas, including quality innovation of IT services, securing infrastructure for realization of new technologies, globalization, eco-friendliness and win-win growth with Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs). With these efforts, the company demonstrated the presence of an IT service company that is driving the digital transformation of CJ Group.


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CJ OliveNetworks Receives the “Minister of Science and ICT Award” at the 18th Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards


8. Showcased “Face Recognition Signage Technology” (August) 



CJ OliveNetworks IT Business Division once again solidified its position as a leading data analytics and utilization company at the ‘Data Economy Activation Regulatory Innovation’ event in August. The event was held to discuss measures to innovate regulations on ‘Data’, by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and other government departments. Our company showcased the “face recognition signage” solution, a marketing service based on big data. The solution entails scanning the face of consumers to guess their age/sex and recommends products based the information. As President Moon tried it by standing in front of the signage, the sight made headline of local media.


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CJ OliveNetworks Showcases “Face Recognition Technology” Based on Big Data at a Meeting with President Moon 


9. Launched the Digital Transformation Experiencing Hall, Where New Technologies Based on Consumer Experiences Were Integrated (October) 



The “DT Experiencing Hall,” where one could personally touch and understand the new technologies that are creating business innovation and accelerating digital transformation, was opened at the CJ OliveNetworks headquarters. Composed of five themes of media, big data / artificial intelligence (AI), smart store, augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR), and cloud, the hall introduced various next-generation IT solutions that draw consumer experiences to a new level. Here, visitors experienced a one-person media studio, where anyone could easily make videos and communicate with them; the “robotic process automation (RPA)” technology that innovates the “way of working”; and “vision AI” solutions that automatically recognize and analyze people and objects in images and videos. In addition, a virtual shop based on AR/VR platforms and voice ordering service was prepared. Favorable comments that the space integrated the understanding and application of DT with the technological competency and expertise of CJ OliveNetworks IT Business Division poured in droves.


10. Received the Excellence Award at the 2018 Best Reading Encouragement Company (October) 



Our unique book-reading culture that aims to develop capabilities of executives and employees and open communication has been recognized for ‘Excellent workplace in reading management in Korea’ by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. CJ OliveNetworks is operating a variety of reading programs such as ‘Morning Book Forum’, ‘DT Innovation Academy’ in which the staff learn the skills and business cases for Fourth Industrial Revolution, and an in-company library ‘Knowledge Lab’.


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CJ OliveNetworks Received the Excellence Award at the 2018 Best Reading Encouragement Company 

As such, 2018 was a year that was particularly meaningful because the efforts bore fruits in multiple areas including the innovation of in-house culture, social contribution activities, and businesses based on DT and IT services.

We thus express our gratitude for the interest and unfailing support that you have extended during the past year, and promise to provide you with more productive and substantial news in 2019. Please continue to support us as we make new leaps forward in the New Year!


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