Say goodbye to complicated HR/labor admin tasks!
Meet “Work Scan” for fast and convenient integrative
HR management solutions.

It’s quick, easy, and transparent in overall HR management,
from labor agreements to records of attendance, work schedule, wage settlements,
and many more.

Work Scan


1. Cloud Services

Fees are charged depending on your accessed services, which means there are no establishment costs.
We provide flexible service adjustments tailored to your business situations. Apply the best practices in your HR management process. Enjoy ideal services and stable security fit for your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure environment.

2. On-Premise: Set Customized Procedures

Organize sensitive, confidential HR information tailored to client business features.
On-Premise applies HR management processes based on clients’ on-site businesses. Moreover, we provide integrated data management through organic connections with the Legacy System.


1. E-Labor Agreement

Form mutual trust through signed electronic agreements, and proactively reduce labor risks and management expenses.
You can operate contact-free through labor agreement digitalization. Manage various e-documents, such as labor standard modifications, privacy policy agreements, pledges of confidentiality management, bankbook copies, etc.

2. Schedule Management

You can manage and update working hours conveniently and thoroughly by instantly applying and stipulating modifications, such as the limitation of 52 working hours per week.
Set working hour schedules through the calendar, and ensure employees’ strict observance of the Labor Standards Act through Work Scan.

3. High-Tech Attendance Management

We proudly present our remarkable attendance management based on our highly reliable QR codes and GPS.
It’s hard to cheat when technology detects your actions through QR codes and complex GPS verification, making biometric fingerprint information unnecessary. So, you only need Work Scan for all verifications with no maintenance costs at all.

4. Wage Management under the Labor Standards Act

Work Scan makes wage management accurate and fast through serial processing for labor agreements, schedule management, and attendance performance.
An accurate breakdown of wages is automatically calculated by overtime allowance (via actual working hour detection), withholding tax, four social insurances, etc. We transparently provide the breakdown of wages for every employee through mobile phones.

5. Reduce Risks through Quick Labor Law Correspondence

We quickly keep up with labor laws based on CJ Group HR system operation knowledge.
In addition, we promptly respond to changing labor, working, and employment laws and statutes by abiding by modifications in the Severe Accident Punishment Act, Economically Dependent Worker Protection Act, flexible working hours, 52 working hour system, etc.

6. Additional Training Services

Through mobile devices, we quickly and easily share mandatory on-site training courses, along with compulsory education, such as sexual harassment prevention, nondiscrimination against disability, and on-the-job (OTJ) training.


  • Establish on-site HR systems in CJ Group, and introduce Work Scan to Korea’s top coffee franchise stores and food and beverage companies.

Convenient and effective mobile-based HR management solutions by CJ