Our expertise in ticket sales brings our customers the benefit of a one-stop,
integrated ticket sales solution, from online reservation to ticketing.

One Tickt, CJ OliveNetworks Ticket Reservation Solution, offers a one-stop, integrated reservation service, made up of a management system,
a reservation system, an on-site sales/ticketing system, and a sales settlement system.

Ticket Reservation(One Ticket)


1. Integrated Management System

Offers standard information management, sales overview, sales through call centers and headquarters, schedule management, seat selection and cancellation, and settlement management functionalities.

2. Reservation System

Offers date/amount selection, discount/delivery preferences, reservation confirmation / cancellation / SMS messaging, area/seat selection, and payment method selection functionalities.

3. On-Site Sales and Ticketing System

Offers credit card / cash sales, ticket cancellation/refund, reserved ticket issue/reissue, and accounting functionalities.

4. Sales Settlement System

Offers reservation status overview, sales figures, payment status, tax documentation history, payment history, and customer's statement of accounts functionalities.

Ticket Total Solution
Integrated Management System
  • Stage and ticket information management
  • Price and seat management
  • Schedule management
  • Seat selection and cancellation
  • Sales overview
  • Account settlement management
  • Sales at call center / headquarters
Online Reservation System
  • Step1 : Select date and no. of tickets
  • Step2 : Select area and seat
  • Step3 : Select discount and delivery information
  • Step4 : Select payment
  • Step5 : Reservation overview / cancellation / SMS
On-site Sales and Ticketing
  • Card/cash payment
  • Ticket cancellation/refund
  • Reserve seats
  • Ticketing
  • Re-ticketing
  • Account settlement by seller
Sales Settlement System
  • customer's statement of accounts
  • Payment status
  • Payment history
  • Tax documents history


1. Integrated Management

Our Back Office System offers an integrated solution in ticket registration and details—such as price, schedule, grade registration, or adjustment of selection and ticket sales control.

2. Various On-Site Supports

CJ OliveNetworks On-Site Ticketing System offers ticket sales, ticketing, refund, and accounting functionalities for an entire range of payment methods.

3. High-Security Online Reservation System

Our Online Reservation System is an HTML-based system allowing the direct reservation of tickets by a user, and is made up of five steps with encryption modules that ensure the safe and secure handling of customer information.

4. Real-Time Overview and Accounting

We offer real-time payment history overviews and information on individual payment history, sales amount, payment status, and tax calculation forms.


1. HTML-Based Optimized Online Reservation Service

Our HTML-Based Online Reservation System observe to web accessibility conditions in view of the Act on the Prohibition of Discrimination against Disabled Persons, and provides an easy method of optimizing online reservation services for our customers. Our Online Reservation Service is optimized for multi-browser environment, from Google Chrome to Apple Safari.

2. Statistical Analysis Offering Event Stability

Date- and venue-based reservation trend analyses offer flexibility in event scheduling, while synchronization with the customer member DB allows the Online Reservation System to utilize member data to the fullest.

3. Stable One PG(CJ Payment Platform)

Utilization of CJ One(CJ Payment Platform) allows access to a wide variety of payment methods, from credit cards and mobile payment to direct deposit. The robustness of CJ Payment Platform allows over 20 million transactions to be conducted monthly without any problem.


  1. 1. We possess operational expertise in the major ticket reservation solutions currently applied to CJ CGV and sport tickets.
  2. 2. We provide Integrated Ticketing Solutions to six major International Film Festivals including the Busan International Film Festival(BIFF) and the Jeonju International Film Festival and various culture&art venue around the nation.