Smart Factory Solution realizes the innovative digitalization in
manufacturing fields.

It leads innovative change with intelligent·automation factory to maximize the manufacturing competitiveness for
production efficiency, quality management, demand change response, etc.

Smart Factory Solution Image


1. Manufacturing Execution System (FactoryOne MES)

This cloud-based manufacturing execution system minimizes the burden caused by initial investment cost and system operation expenses.
It customizes various functions for each manufacturing field and improves the manufacturing productivity and competitiveness through the data-based manufacturing management and operation, which are accumulated in MES.

2. Quality Safety System (FactoryOne QSS)

With the systematic quality control, it can prevent claims as well as trace and analyze problems.
It monitors foreign substance inspection facilities, weight graders, and manufacturing date / manufacture label displays in real time. In addition, if a process is not normal, an alert message is sent to secure product quality.

3. Smart HACCP (FactoryOne HACCP)

This intelligent HACCP management system fused with ICT under the HACCP system is built for quality assurance.
It monitors the Critical Control Point (CCP) process in real time to prevent and remove harmful elements and resolves problems for rapid response and improved quality.

FactoryOne MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Manage standard information / production (production plan, process work instruction, and production performance)
  • Monitor quality/material/facility management (quality test, material warehousing / release facility maintenance)
FactoryOne Board (Production Monitoring / Dashboard)
  • Monitor production (facility operation status, production status)
  • Real-time management / key production KPI status
FactoryOne QSS (Quality Safety System)
  • Manage product weight / quality test (metal and foreign substance)
  • Trace the quality history and save the inspection image of each product (product quality assurance)
FactoryOne HACCP (Smart HACCP System)
  • Automatically / Semi-automatically record HACCP data
  • Conduct harmful element monitoring in real time and record actions against problems
  • Prevent data counterfeit / falsification(blockchain applied)
  • Analyze processes using big data
FactoryOne MMS (Facility Management System)
  • Manage facility maintenance schedule and analyze general facility efficiency
  • Manage facility failure history, perform predictive maintenance, and monitor facility alarm in real time
FactoryOne FEMS (Factory Energy Management System)
  • Monitor energy in real time (Manage energy target/use)
  • Manage legal regulation index (Automatically calculate CO2 emissions)
FactoryOne FAI (Factory Automation Interface)
  • PLC/HMI : Interwork with production operation conditions, facility information, and alarms
  • Field facility : Connect barcode scanners, computers, and inspection equipment
FactoryOne Mobile (Mobile Factory Management System)
  • Mobile process report (production, quality, and maintenance)
  • Manage mobile facility (facility alarm, drawing, and maintenance)


1. Cloud-based establishment and operation

A cloud MES service with the “pay as you go” system rather than the existing method of building MES is provided. Thus, small and medium-sized companies can use this service without the burden of initial investment costs and system operation expenses.

2. Flexible scalability

With various customizing functions and flexible development frameworks, this solution allows for the customization of diverse functions in manufacturing fields that need a construction type.

3. Specialized function of each manufacturing industry

This solution addresses each manufacturing industry (HACCP, FSMA, medicine, etc.) and reinforces the product compliance through lot tracking, applying the raw materials and product characteristics of each manufacturing industry.


1. Improved production yield

When a defect occurs, this solution traces the production history based on the data accumulated in real time and finds the causes of failure. Through this process, the production yield can be enhanced.

2. Cost reduction

An unnecessary process is improved by analyzing the production data to decrease the production cost.

3. Fast decision making

This solution is linked with an automation system for rapid communication between a manager and a worker to efficiently enhance the production environment.


  1. 1. To prevent measuring/feeding errors in the mixing process with the lack of automation facilities in a food factory, this solution interlocks a measuring scale and a barcode device to eliminate workers’ mistakes for quality assurance.
  2. 2. By interlocking with facilities based on the process standard of MES, this solution automatically sends and controls recipes, prevents operation errors caused by workers, monitors key factors in the field, and creates work logs.
  3. 3. By connecting the inspection facilities of the packing line with the work instruction, this solution sets an inspection facility recipe, traces an inspection history, identifies the packing gross weight rate in real time, and sends information to the previous process facility for cost reduction.
  4. 4. By connecting the barcode attachment by a bath with the process facility data, this solution traces the yield and the lot in real time. If a problem occurs, the reason can be easily identified and resolved by tracing the lot and the process facility history at the time of the occurrence.
  5. 5. This solution monitors and records the facility status through IoT and predicts the replacement time of key parts in advance to minimize the facility downtime and improve productivity through the Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM).
  6. 6. This solution checks the field inventory in the central warehouse of raw materials and field warehouses in real time; removes quality and safety issues by guaranteeing a separate zone management for materials that need to be separately stored, such as harmful chemical substances; and reduces the disposal amount caused by passing the expiration date, from the first-in-first-out management.


  • Introduction of the FactoryOne MES solution to a bio A factory: Building the FactoryOne solution, which is specialized in the bio industry, brings expected effects, such as monitoring of real-time yield in the field, process visualization, and productivity improvement.
  • Introduction of the FactoryOne MES solution to a food and meat processing B factory (in 2019): This solution realizes the process automation from raw materials to the packing process of finished products to the storage process in the warehouse, secures the process visualization, and builds the big data of manufacturing implement the smart factory.
  • Introduction of the FactoryOne MES solution to a beverage C factory: By linking with facilities through IoT, this solution secures the performance automation and process the facility visualization for cost reduction and improved productivity.
  • Introduction of the FactoryOne QSS solution to a food C factory: This solution controls the weight/metal inspector recipes of the packing process linked with the production instruction, monitors real-time quality key factors, and detects the misuse of packing materials using a barcode reader for cost reduction and improved quality.