We offer hardware-based credit card payment equipment with
the highest degree of security to assist our customers’ payment safety
and profit generation.

We offer hybrid (MSR/IC) card readers; modules, such as CAT and POS; and
mobile payment devices with hardware-based end-to-end security environment.

Security Terminal


1. FEC AerPOS Integrated Hybrid Card Reader

Our FEC AerPOS Reader, the first hybrid reader (MSR/SCR) in Korea, continues the design innovation of FEC AerPOS.

2. T-CAT (Tablet-Based Next-Generation Mini POS)

T-CAT is a tablet-based mini POS with an Intel Bay Trail Quad Core processor and a 7 in IPS panel.

3. T-POS

T-POS is a next-generation 15 in smart POS combining the best of PC-based POS and tablet-based POS.

4. T-POS Keyboard

T-POS Keyboard Series is the first POS keyboard of its kind, combining the keyboard technology of PrehKeyTec from Germany and ID Tech from the United States.


1. Revolutionary Design

The embedded MSR and SCR hybrid reader creates a sense of solidity, while the slimness and lightness of tablets meet the stability of PC-based POS to create a new design statement.

2. Stable Performance

The Intel Quad Core board and flash memory bring together the benefits of speed and stability, while the IPS touch panel allows the same user environment as smartphones.

3. Cost Reduction

Stand-alone construction minimizes the costs of purchase, eliminating the need for embedded components such as printers and sign pads.


1. Robust Card Payment Security

The robust security environment of TEDS, AES encryption algorithm, and the DUKPT key management process provides world-class security, while the PCI PTS SRED-certified reader module eliminates the risks of memory hacking and physical intrusion.

2. Wide Variety

We offer a wide range of products, from hybrid card readers for POS to CAT, keyboard POS, smart POS, and mobile readers.


  1. 1. iF Design Award (2017)
  2. 2. Exclusive contract with the ACN Korea Merchant Project (2016)
  3. 3. Korean Medical Association Smart POS contract (2015)
  4. 4. Strategic alliance with ID Tech’s APEC partner, ‘THINKTUBE KOREA’ (2015)