Braze solution is the lifecycle marketing platform for
marketing, growth, and engagement teams.

Braze is the leading lifecycle engagement platform. We empower marketing and
growth teams to send beautiful, relevant, an valeable messages across devices.

Digital Marketing Solutions


1. Segmentation

Our segmentation process allows various consumer interests to be distinguished and subdivided in detail.
Our real-time user information analysis offers customer distinction and target marketing. The formation and storage of target groups for individual campaigns allow these information to be reused for re-targeting.

2. Multi-Channel

Our solution offers simultaneous multi-channel marketing.
Customers can create personalized cross-channel messages(such as Push, In-App messaging, E-mail, Newsfeed) in real-time using Braze's suite of messaging and targeting tools.

3. Dashboard

We offer a powerful dashboard functionality.
An intuitive UI/UX allows a marketer to conduct different marketing cases with ease and efficiency. Our Solution Dashboard offers a wide variety of functions such as campaign scheduling, AB testing, and the visualization of results report.

4. SDK / API

Our Solution offers simple installation and synchronization with various APIs.
Our SDK is optimized to a full range of platforms, and the installation process has been optimized to allow various campaigns to be formed right off the bat. In addition, a flexible synchronization scheme with Weather, Location, News, and other external APIs allow our customers to implement marketing events tailored to specific events and occasions.

  • Braze ← SDK module, customer recognition (virtual ID) etc. ← DATA Inflow Channel
  • Braze ← API NRT server transmission ← Legacy system
  • Braze → Dashboard
  • Braze → 1.Client distinction / 2.Campaign creation / 3.Campaign implementation → Various Channels(Push, In-app, SMS(Webhook webhook), Email, News Feed, Kakao(Webhook webhook)) → 1.Response reception / 2.Re-Targeting → Braze
  • Braze → RESTful API → Customer Server → Braze
  • Legacy 시스템 ↔ External API (ex. Weather) ↔ Customer Server


1. Increase of CVR and Consumer Loyalty

Our real-time user data–based analysis offers information tailored to the interests of consumers, enhancing CVR(Conversion Rate) and consumer loyalty to the corporate brand.

2. Reduction of Losses in Time and Costs

Our solution enables a marketer to take on various marketing campaigns without external assistance. Our dashboard allows quick and easy planning and execution of campaigns, minimizing losses in time and costs, and enhancing work efficiency.


  • A solution being used in 1,800 apps around the world, our MMA Solution offers high satisfaction, shown by high return rates.
    - Global Reference: Dominos, Airbnb, Zappos, Ebates, Rakuten, KFC, Fox Sports, Burger King, Telstra, Western Union Bank, Sephora, etc.
  • We have a robust reference portfolio from major firms in a variety of fields in Korea (commerce, logistics, entertainment, etc.).