A One-Stop Messaging and Mobile Marketing Solution
for the Convenience and Success of Your Business.

We offer a full range of mobile marketing services to our customers, including mobile biz messaging (SMS/LMS/MMS),
kakao biz messaging, global messaging (GMS), mobile DM, and mobile surveys.

Messaging Service(mplace)


1. Mobile Messaging Service

  • Biz Messaging: We offer large-scale messaging services in SMS, LMS, and MMS formats.
  • Kakao Biz messaging: Our Kakao Messaging Service sends push alarms to Kakao Talk users through Kakao Talk Plus Friend or Yellow ID.
  • Global Messaging: Send messages to nearly 200 countries through domestic and international networks.
Service Process
  1. Customer Agreement : Agreement on operator - Offer methods that are optimized to the type of service and its purpose.
  2. Draft Contract : Documentation - Service request, business registration, etc. Required documents may differ based on company standing
  3. Approval and Signing : Contract - Application confirmed and contract signed.
  4. Service Provided : Service Live - System opened - ID issued, Transmission module installed
  5. Results Feedback : Results Review and Feedback - Service feedback

2. Mobile Marketing Service

  • Mobile DM: We offer mobile DM content design and development services that are tailored to the needs of customer’s campaign.
  • Mobile Survey: We offer specialized mobile survey planning, consulting, development, and reporting services.
  • Mobile Development: We offer Web content design and development services that are tailored to the needs of mobile marketing campaigns.
  • 080 Message Block Service: We offer real-time automatic processing of customer block requests.
  • MO: Messages sent from the mobile phone are routed through specific Web/servers, redirecting the message to other media.
  • Push AD: We offer marketing message services by proxy to customers who agreed to advertisements from their service providers.


1. An Affordable Service Backed by Years of Experience

Our messaging service is backed by years of expertise in working within a business environment, offering stability and reliability in large-scale messaging campaigns.

2. Stability from Direct Synchronization with Service Providers

Direct synchronization (through CID) with Korean mobile service providers offer stability in the operation of messaging gateways and servers. Our services are recognized by Korean authorities through quality assurance and certification (KISA-ISMS).

3. Simple and Convenient Service

Marketers have direct access to messaging services through a website (www.cjmplace.com), offering intuitive and simple access to features like preset messages, messaging records, and messaging report (success/failure). Large-scale messaging campaigns are supported through the Excel File uploading feature.

4. Real-Time and Uninterrupted Processing

We offer real-time overview of processing and message results, as well as year-round uninterrupted service. Our dedicated customer service team offers emergency response and processing services to any customer in need.

5. Large-Scale Messaging

Our SMS+MMS integrated solution supports various interface solutions including DB, File, Web, and Socket. The modular parallel construction and the Number Portability DataBase (NPDB) system ensure that processing speeds will never be an issue.


1. Efficient Customer Management

Take advantage of real-time marketing promotion and messaging services to customers (with membership).
Drastic reduction in time spent for customer communication and management allows the marketers and the CRM managers to focus on improving customer services.

2. Maximize Marketing Effects with Additional Services

Mix and combine additional services like mobile DM, surveys, MO, message block, and advertisements to maximize the marketing effects.
Our services reduce time investments and costs, as well as help provide a more efficient survey of marketing results through individualized reports on each additional service.


  1. 1. Membership marketing campaign for cosmetics production and marketing firm B: We offer membership promotion and discount coupons through corporate messaging and marketing services (mobile DM, survey). We have also successfully implemented a more effective messaging system using Kakao Talk messages.
  2. 2. Logistics CRM firm A: Our messaging service provides delivery alerts to the customers of firm A, and our MO service allows real-time processing of customer inquiries and VOC.