We provide services such as consulting as a total digital transformation partner.

We provide IT consulting services such as digital transformation strategies, IT strategies, and
process innovations based on differentiated consulting capabilities to strengthen our customers’ business competitiveness and corporate values.

IT Consulting


1. Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting

We provide consulting services such as the establishment and implementation of strategies so that customers can make a digital transformation.
Moreover, we provide an optimal methodology so that customers can establish strategies in response to digital changes and produce digital challenges and measurable effects for the implementation of innovations.

2. IT Strategy Consulting

We support the establishment of IT strategies and plans to maximize corporate competitiveness and management performance.
For this, we present the directions of diagnosing IT levels, establishing IT strategies, and implementing systems, and propose consulting services for IT introduction and operation consulting service for the adoption and operation of the IT optimized for customer business.

3. Process Innovation Consulting

We provide consulting services for innovations in the business process to increase customers’ business success and corporate values continuously.
The support that we provide allows customers to design the optimized process to implement their business strategies effectively, and lead business innovations to improve management performance.


1. Industry & Digital Insight

The best industrial and digital specialists provide customer industry-specific customized consulting services.
We provide support to customers so that they can promptly respond to the rapid market changes and trends by combining the expertise of industrial and digital specialists specializing in the field of distribution, CPG, manufacturing, and logistics.

2. Asset-based

We internalize project assets, methodologies, and insights based on various industries.
We provide high-quality proven results via incorporating a variety of assets such as consulting project experiences, industry-specific change motives, business models, and case analysis.

3. Digital Technology Convergence

We support the rapid performance of digital transformation tasks.
We provide consistent services from strategy consulting to PoC and implementation by combining the digital solutions and future IT technologies, owned by CJ OliveNetworks as well as consulting services.

  • Industry & Digital Insight
  • Asset-based
  • Digital Technology Convergence
  • Establishment of Digital Transformation Strategies
  • Establishment of IT Strategies
  • Process Innovation
Digital Business
Digital Store, Automated Logistics Control System, Big Data Analysis, Smart Workplace
6 Major IT Technologies
loT, Big Data, Cloud, Open Source, AR·VR, AI/ROBOT


1. Better Customer Experience

We increase satisfaction and brand awareness to strengthen sales and customer retention through the provision of differentiated customer experiences.
You can provide seamless shopping experiences that transcend both online and off-line boundaries and present enhanced customer experiences in the era of shopper-tainment with the development of digital-based differentiated services.

2. Improved Operational Efficiency

We dramatically increase operational efficiency through innovation in the whole business process.
You can advance performance in cost saving, quality improvement, service improvement, and others to increase your corporate digital competitiveness with digital innovations in the whole process, organization, IT system, and decision-making system.

3. Digital Business Agility

We strengthen digital competitiveness with the rapid introduction of new technology-based business models and services.
You can secure a flexible and effective organizational system and process that can quickly introduce digital-based business models and services under the new business competition environment led by top digital companies.


  1. 1. Establishment of Digital Transformation Strategies for CJ CGV: we made a plan to strengthen customer experience–centered digital competitiveness.
  2. 2. Establishment of Shopping Digital Transformation Strategies for CJ O Shopping: we established differentiated e-commerce strategies through an analysis of the latest e-commerce trends and the cases of leading companies.
  3. 3. Diagnosis of Online Platforms for CJ CheilJedang: we presented an e-commerce growth roadmap and carried out SCM tasks to shorten the delivery period.
  4. 4. Global ISP of CJ Freshway: we established the global IT operation and management system, a plan for the construction of the business system, and IT PMI strategies.
  5. 5. Global PI of CJ CGV: we set up the global standard process and prepared a global standard process and system framework in the field of global sales, purchasing, and finance.
  6. 6. ISP of CJ Hello: we made plans for the establishment of IT and business innovation tasks and the next-generation IT system through an analysis of business issues and a structural inspection in the system.
  7. 7. Medium- and long-term ISP for CJ CheilJedang: we established medium- and long-term promotional strategies to secure and innovate new growth engines.
  8. 8. ISP of CJ E&M: we defined various business integration processes and made an IT innovation master plan.
  9. 9. Establishment of a Smart Store Business Model for CJ Olive Young: we identified mobile-based digital growth strategies and service offerings.
  10. 10. Medium- and long-term ISP of CJ Group: we established the future IT directivity and growth plan of CJ Group.
  11. 11. Global ISP of CJ CGV: we established the global medium- and long-term IT direction and establishment roadmap.
  12. 12. Medium- and long-term ISP of CJ HumanVille: we established IT directivity and set up key challenges to foster talents for CJ Group.
  13. 13. PI of CJ Freshway: we drew the redesign and implementation tasks of the food material distribution, feeding, management, and the standard information process.