We operate a performance-oriented personnel system based on performance and competency, not seniority.

CJ rewards its employees based on their performance and achievement, not seniority, to keep pace with the trend in the era of global competition. We practice the personnel system based on an advanced performance-oriented culture, escaping from the conservative and rigid corporate hierarchy. As a result, CJ has become a more flexible organization and a Global Leading Lifestyle Company.

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Performance-oriented culture

Job Rating System
A system to assess the relative value of jobs in the organization and to maintain internal equity.
Performance Management System
A global life culture company that creates health, joy, and convenience
Basic Salary System
A basic salary system applied to all employees based on job value and performance
Incentive System
An incentive system applied to all employees depending on the performance of the company and individual employees

Position System

We recognize and reward top performers along with better career development and training opportunities.
CJ has a seven-level position system based on job value, while the recommended title in the company is Mr. or Ms.
(It is based on the CJ Group, and we operate a variety of position systems for each affiliate.)

Rank System, See details below.

  1. G1 Staff
  2. G2 Staff
  3. G3 Staff : Standard Years of Working: 3 Years Minimum Years of Working:2 Years (a new employee with a bachelor’s degree)
  4. G4 Assistant Manager : Standard Years of Working: 4 Years Minimum Years of Working:2 Years
  5. G5 Section Chief : Standard Years of Working: 4 Years Minimum Years of Working:2 Years
  6. G6 Dept. Head : Standard Years of Working: 4 Years Minimum Years of Working:2 Years
  7. G7 Dept. Head : Standard Years of Working: 4 Years Minimum Years of Working:2 Years

· Standard Years of Working: The standard years taken to get an opportunity of promotion by job
· Minimum Years of Working: The minimum number of years taken for outstanding performers to receive a promotion to give them a chance at earlier growth than others.

FASTTRACK Becoming an executive in 10 years

The FASTTRACK system is a promotion system of CJ, a company that creates culture, for creating a company where employees are recognized for their performance and competence, escaping from seniority.

  • · As a lifestyle company that creates culture, we give young and talented employees the chance to lead the trend.
  • · Corporate culture where people are considered important

Evaluation System

Employees Performance Management & Development System (PMDS) is a performance management system
that simultaneously promotes growth of individual employees and the development of the company by encouraging employees
to have the proper awareness on the values and performance desired by the company.

Evaluation System. See details below.

A sustainable growth of the company and employees

Satisfying and motivating employees

  • Securing transparency and fairness through interactive communication such as evaluation on goal setting and feedback, etc.
  • Providing and supporting employees with opportunities to develop their capabilities
  • Evaluating the process and result of their performance
  • Offering official/unofficial coaching (recognition, compliment, reward)