CJ WAY provided the foundation for CJ, and it is also the driving force to lead GLOBAL CJ in the future

CJ WAY. See details below.


    Vision & Mission

    VISION Create a New Culture For Healthy, Happy and Convenient Lifestyles

    MISSION Contribute to the global community by providing the best value to our customers with ONLYONE products and services

  • OnlyOne

    Philosophy & Principle

    ONLYONE ONLYONE, the overriding philosophy and
    principle of CJ, empowers our corporate businesses
    to provide customers with "first, best, and
    different" products and services.

  • Integrity / Passion / Creativity

    Core Values

    Core values Integrity, passion, creativity

  • Strong and Flexible

    People & Culture

    EXCEPTIONAL TALENT A competent employee who commits to CJ's philosophy

    EXCEPTIONAL CULTURE A corporate culture raising global competitiveness by encouraging constructive challenges between top performers