CJ ONE organizes a nationwide cultural event inviting all members




[CJ ONE = August 7, 2017 (Monday)] CJ’s integrated lifestyle membership service, CJ ONE (www.cjone.com), has organized its first cultural event with a wide range of benefits for all its members.


CJ ONE has been engaged in different cultural marketing activities through performances and exhibitions tailored to CJ’s corporate image as a culture creator and lifestyle leader. Until now, these opportunities have been offered only to VIP members. However, because of the continuous request of general members, CJ ONE plans to expand the benefits to all members and provide them with high-quality cultural experiences.


Furthermore, it has selected exhibitions being held in major cities around the country, such as in Seoul’s Daelim Museum and Seoul Arts Center, and in Daegu, Ulsan, and Busan, to provide benefits to local members, reduce cultural gaps between regions, and contribute to an expanded base for arts and culture and their revitalization.
For the cultural event that it will open to all members, CJ ONE selected the “VOGUE Like a Painting” exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center, the Smithsonian photo exhibition at the Daegu MBC Special Exhibition Hall, the van Gogh replica exhibition at the Hyundai Arts Center in Ulsan, and the “Van Gogh Live” exhibition at the Busan Cinema Center.
This event offers 50% discount on tickets to any CJ ONE member who downloads a discount coupon from the CJ ONE app and presents it at the ticket office in one of the selected venues. The discount is applicable for up to four tickets per person (the number varying according to the exhibition). The “VOGUE Like a Painting” exhibition will run until August 20, and the other exhibitions held in the Gyeongsang-do region will run until August 27.


The exhibition “VOGUE Like a Painting: The Story of Photos and Famous Paintings” is being held at the Hangaram Art Museum. It is a fresh exploration of the relationship between fashion photos and well-known paintings through images curated from the archives of Vogue, an international fashion magazine.


The photographs of influential masters, such as Irving Penn, Paolo Roversi, and Peter Lindbergh, known as the world’s top three fashion photographers, evoke paintings like Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring, and other masterpieces by painters such as Caravaggio, Renoir, van Gogh, Dali, and Klimt. Notably, the exhibition in Korea boasts the largest fashion photo display in the world, including 40 works that were not displayed in the Spain exhibition, as well as 20 new works from Vogue Korea’s archives.


The Smithsonian photo exhibition is being held at the Daegu MBC Special Exhibition Hall M-ga, after being displayed in Seoul. It is the first overseas photo exhibition of the Smithsonian, the world’s largest museum. The exhibition is organized around four themes, as part of a storytelling experience that allows viewers to partake in the emotions, thoughts, and memories contained in the photographs, and to empathize with and share stories about them. Visitors can directly experience the insights that convey the wonderful and exciting moments encountered inadvertently in everyday life.


The van Gogh replica exhibition conveys the quality of Vincent van Gogh’s original works by reproducing about 70 representative paintings of that immortal artist as high-quality replicas. In addition, the “Van Gogh Live” exhibition in Busan reconstructs van Gogh’s paintings through media art. In particular, the room that he lived in 120 years ago meets today’s façade technology and provides visitors with a new kind of experience.


“To repay the love and attention that we receive from our customers, CJ ONE has expanded the invitation to cultural events reserved exclusively for VIP members to all of its members,” said Yeonhwa Cho, a manager at CJ ONE. “Starting with Gyeongsang-do Province, we will conduct nationwide cultural promotions in diverse genres so that our customers can enjoy the cultural benefits unique to CJ ONE.” (End)