CJ OliveNetworks IT Division Dreams of New Age in the Heart of Seoul


February 20 was a landmark day in the history of CJ OliveNetworks IT Division as the division relocated and expanded its headquarters to the Twin City Tower near Seoul Station after staying for two years in the Bundang area.

The new headquarters is said to be a place where the latest trends in the IT industry and the unique strengths of the IT Division converge. Let us take a look at the brand-new headquarters of the IT Division.

CJ OliveNetworks occupies five floors, from the 10th to the 14th floors, in the strategic location near Seoul Station.

The new home of the IT Division features workspaces emphasizing flexibility and autonomy of the employees, and creates opportunities to enhance work efficiency and communication among them.



The first sight one can witness upon exiting the elevator at the 10th floor common area is the Digital Signage Tree. The Tree offers up-to-date news on CJ OliveNetworks through cutting-edge signage technology with the best resolution the market has to offer.



CJ O’Café, which integrates the latest IoT technology through a humble cuppa, is also located on the 10th floor. CJ O’Café allows members to purchase and order their drinks through their RFID cups, company ID, or mobile apps, and remembers individual preferences in a compilation called “Personalized Coffee Information.”


The common area is also planning to install a showroom detailing the latest AR, VR, and other IT, and a humanoid robot offering communication in Korean!

The cadre of CJ OliveNetworks also commemorated this special occasion with significant activities. First, the cadre braved the cold winds of February to bring rice cakes, instant noodles, and hot packs to senior citizens in need. 

Even the February chill could not remove the warm smiles in the members’ faces. One hundred of them walked around the Twin City Tower for a cleanup of the surrounding areas. The members also came together to climb Namsan in the afternoon to signal a new beginning.



Once at the Palgakjeong Pavilion, the members also shared their goals with their respective departments and hung their locks on the wishing wall.



Can you feel the anticipation and hope in the faces of our members? 

The members of the CJ OliveNetworks IT Division hope to create a powerful boost to usher in this new beginning in the heart of Seoul through this relocation.

We ask you to support us in this new leap.