Standard logistics platform, ELiSS, holds a road show in Vietnam


CJ OliveNetworks’ standard logistics platform, ELiSS, ventured beyond the domestic market and launched a road show in Vietnam, an emerging Asian market, thus opening the door to overseas expansion.


△ At the road show in Vietnam


ELiSS, a cloud-based integrated logistics solution with state-of-the-art technology in a rapidly changing logistics environment, invited local customers as part of its foray into the Vietnamese market.

Launched in February 2017, the ELiSS solution supports a wide variety of logistic forms such as food, cosmetics, and e-commerce, which contribute to IT productivity by providing an active framework customizable for users. At present, it is being used to establish CJ Freshway’s global food network system in Vietnam and support its food materials distribution and logistics project.


Held in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi on June 18 and 20, the road show targeted prospective customers in Vietnam, with about 80 people in attendance.


Local representatives who attended the road show observed CJ OliveNetworks’ high-level technical expertise by learning about EliSS’s key qualities, benefits, and detailed features of each module through demonstrations.



△ At the road show in Vietnam



According to the results of a survey conducted among industry representatives who attended the road show, the EliSS solution received positive evaluation and scored well in overall satisfaction with regard to its structure, UI/UX, WMS functionality, and service. There were also meetings with companies that want to have a business cooperation that uses the ELiSS solution.


As a result, CJ OliveNetworks is negotiating reseller contracts with VinaSystem, Genuwin, Will-Be Solution, and CMC, and is poised to make a full-fledged entry into the Vietnamese market. Using these contracts as a springboard, CJ OliveNetworks is planning to form business ties with partners and explore local business deals.


Starting with its entry into the growing Vietnamese market, CJ OliveNetworks hopes to raise its status as an IT leader to an even higher level by entering other neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Laos.