Smoke-Free Campaign of CJ OliveNetworks



To quit smoking is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. Six months after you’ve made a firm decision, how are you doing sofar? It’s very difficult to quit smoking even if everyone knows it’s dangerousto our health.

CJ OliveNetworks has conducted a smoke-freecampaign to create a pleasant work environment (healthy for both mind and body)for its employees and to improve employee engagement; this campaign has been in effect since the celebration of the World No Tobacco Day last November 2016.

This campaign awards congratulatory money to employees who take the no-smoking pledge and succeeds in quitting smoking for six months. With a strong will, 58 employees wrote and submitted their pledges to quit smoking. In the end, 26 employees succeeded.

The employees who succeeded in quitting smoking received a CJ gift card worth KRW 300,000 along with a certificate of freedom from smoking. They must stay smoke-free for the next six months.

CJ OliveNetworks provides smoking cessation supplements (nicotine patch, gum, gargle, and others) to help its employees keep their no-smoking resolution.

Quitting smoking is the best choice you can makefor yourself. Moreover, it shows your consideration for co-workers and it canalso be a gift for one’s family.

CJ OliveNetworks will actively support all executives and staff to help them successfully work toward their no-smoking resolutions without giving up.