CJ OliveNetworks Received the Excellence Award at the 2018 Best Reading Encouragement Company


- The programs such as Morning Book Forum, a digital transformation (DT) themed reading program, and the in-company library have been acknowledged for their results of management
-Mobile library has been established for the staff to make an easy access to reading in a mobile environment, by which the company can support the reinforcement of their competencies

[CJ OliveNetworks = October 24, 2018] CJ OliveNetworks has announced that it has received the Excellence Award at the “2018 Best Reading Encouragement Company” held on October 23. 

The 2018 Best Reading Encouragement Company has been hosted by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism since 2014 to encourage and spread the book-reading culture for the promotion of communication, sharing, and creativity through reading in the workplace.

To settle the reading culture in the company, CJ OliveNetworks is operating the programs such as ▲ Morning Book Forum, ▲ DT Innovation Academy, ▲ an in-company library, and ▲ an e-books library, and reinforce the staff’s reading capability. 

For the Morning Book Forum, now in its third year, the forum leader selects a book to recommend once a month, announces it and gathers people who want to participate in the forum. The member who volunteered to “lead the forum” each month personally recommend books from various fields, including the humanities, IT, economics, history, philosophy, and self-development. During each forum, the members candidly share their impressions after reading the recommended books, and freely debate and share the theme-related knowledge. As such, it is creating an open forum for communication regardless of their position. 

In addition, the forum invites a writer once a year and holds a Book-Talk to let the members listen to his or her vivid stories and experiences in person. The forum is thus contributing to reinforcing the convergent thinking ability for various fields, not just in the IT field. 

The company also managed the DT Innovation Academy for three months from June to September. The academy was a reading program that was prepared to lead DT, as well as quickly learn business cases and technological changes that come with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through this program, the participants shared the content and knowledge while reading 24 DT-themed books regarding the latest IT trends, technologies, and advanced business cases. All these activities are expected to have enabled its members to share knowledge and come up with innovative ideas and measures applicable to work. 

Furthermore, the company has prepared the “Knowledge Lab” on the 10th floor of its headquarters as an in-company library to encourage a reading culture among its staff. The library houses about 1,100 books of various fields including IT, which reflects the business characteristic of the company, novels, economy, and foreign languages. The company has also recently established the Digital Knowledge Lab for the staff to easily access to reading in a mobile environment.  It is thus actively supporting the reinforcement of staff reading competencies. 

“We are managing the Morning Book Forum and other in-company reading programs to enable the staff to share the wisdom of life and communicate frankly regardless of position,” said Human Resources Manager Park Sung-jin of CJ OliveNetworks. “We will continue to work hard to create a culture of learning experiences and knowledge through reading,” he added.