CJ ONE Holds “Heung, Heung, Heung CJ ONE” Promotion in Commemoration of its eighth Anniversary



- Holds “Heung” events including Heung Coupons, Heung Party, Heung Contest which means ‘joy’ and number eight in Korean to commemorate its 8th anniversary
- To provide 5,000 CJ brand coupons daily and exclusive invitations to CJ ENM “Zipcon” and other abundant benefits for CJ ONE members

[CJ OliveNetworks = October 12, 2018 (Friday)] CJ ONE (www.cjone.com), CJ’s integrated lifestyle membership service, holds the “Exploding Heung! Heung, Heung, Heung CJ ONE” promotion until October 31 in commemoration of its eighth anniversary.

The theme of the event is “Heung”, as the Korean letter ‘흥’ means ‘joy’ and it looks like the number eight. It is launched as a fun promotion to bring joy to the daily life of CJ ONE customers and return the love they have shown for the brand for the last eight years. The three events of “Heung Coupons,” “Heung Party,” and “Heung Contest” will provide plenty of great benefits, including discounts for CJ brand products, invitations to cultural events, special goods, and a maximum of one million points in giveaways, among others.

First, during the “Heung Coupons” event, CJ ONE will provide 5,000 discount coupons for CJ brand products on a first-come, first-served basis from 10 a.m. daily. When using coupons at 10 CJ brands, including VIPS (discount of KRW 15,000), Season’s Table (discount of KRW 10,000), and Olive Young (discount of KRW 3,000), a member can additionally accumulate 10,000 CJ ONE points. In addition, if a member pays with a BC card, the additional points will be accumulated twice, resulting in the benefit of up to 20,000 points.

While the “Heung Coupons” provide small and sure happiness in daily life, “Heung Party” offers a joy of enjoying culture and arts. CJ ONE invites 100 couples among members who have purchased CJ brand products five times, including two brands with “Heung Coupons,” to CJ ENM’s “Culture Day, Zipcon.”

Also, a set of three types of limited edition socks produced jointly with “ihatemonday,” a designer sock brand preferred by CJ ONE’s main customers, will be given as a gift to 2,000 members. The socks have been designed to be colorful and trendy under the concept of “socks that make Mondays a joyful day.”

During the “Zipcon” campaign held on “Culture Day,” the last Wednesday of November, mellow musicians Eric Nam and Sunwoo Jung-a will perform at an exclusive concert for CJ ONE members at Urban Source in Seongsu-dong. The two musicians will interact with the audience to offer a special memory.

Other than these activities, the “Heung Contest” will be held as a participatory event during which CJ ONE customers can express their joy in life personally. Those who submit unique videos or images joyfully congratulating CJ ONE on its eighth anniversary on Instagram with hashtags, such as #CJONE #CJONE8주년 (CJ ONE 8th anniversary) #흥콘테스트 (Heung Contest) #흥부자 (Heung rich) will be provided a maximum of one million CJ ONE points through lot drawing.

“We prepared this exceptional promotion to please as many customers as possible and return their unfailing support for CJ ONE in the last eight years,” said Manager Park Ju-eon of the CJ ONE Marketing Team. “We will continue to expand the scope of benefits so that more customers can enjoy various lifestyle cultural services of CJ in the future as well,” he added.

For details on the “Exploding Heung! Heung, Heung, Heung CJ ONE” promotion, check the CJ ONE website or mobile app. (The end)