CJ OliveNeworks Invites Group Employees’ Children and Holds “CJ SW Creative Camp”


- Held a software(SW) coding education program for the children of the CJ Group’s employees to teach them how to think in computing terms and creatively
- The children learned to design and code on their own, as well as make robots through a curriculum based on maker education 

[CJ OliveNetworks = August 27, 2018 (Monday)] CJ OliveNetworks announced that it invited 40 children of the CJ Group’s employees to join “2018 CJ SW Creative Camp”, which was held at the IT Creative Training Center located at the Y-Valley Center in Seoul on August 25 (Saturday).

CJ OliveNetworks has been holding this event since 2016 so that the Group’s employees’ children would learn how to think in computing terms and grow to become creative and competent convergence-thinking individuals. The event is now in its third year. This year, the camp was held for fifth and sixth graders, as well as middle schoolers.

In particular, this year’s camp was set as a maker-based education program for fostering creative and competent people that the Fourth Industrial Revolution demands. The participating children could better immerse in SW coding through this program. Maker-based education is an educational course that is drawing much attention recently because it increases the interest and understanding in software, science, and technology. It also allows children to make and present their own programs.

The participating children learned an algorithm using two antilogarithms (0, 1), starting with the unplugged class, as well as the right method and order of expressing emoticons and thinking in computing terms. 

Afterward, they used Arduino, a digital tool, to merge a motor, LED board, and wires to make their own robots, which was also part of the program. The children were able to think and design the products that they wanted through trial and error, take up challenges, and develop the ability to think creatively and solve problems.

For the parents of the participating children, CJ OliveNetworks invited a teacher and held a special lecture on the importance of SW education. Teacher Hong Ji-yeon of Hanter Elementary School lectured on the direction of SW education, the importance of coding education, and the proper way of guiding the children in their studies.

The participants also visited a maker space called “Digital Blacksmith Shop” and viewed 3D printers for industrial use, laser cutters, woodcutters, and other key technologies and cutting-edge equipment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“Interest in coding education is rising among the Group’s employees because SW education has become mandatory. It is also in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so we decided to focus on providing differentiated educational contents this year. I hope this year’s CJ SW Creative Camp provided the employees’ children the opportunity to have an enjoyable experience in coding,” a CJ OliveNetworks officer said.

The CJ OliveNetworks’ CJ SW Creative Camp is a representative CSR program that provides the opportunity to children to experience and enjoy coding, as well as to think creatively and logically. About 500 children have already participated in the camp since it was first held. This year, the camp was expanded into a social contribution cooperation and talent donation model as a demonstration project based on private–public partnership for the urban restoration of the Yongsan Electronics Shopping Center, which the Seoul Metropolitan Government is pursuing. The project is being pursued based on a working agreement forged with the Yongsan District. (The end)