CJ OliveNetworks Receives the “Minister of Science and ICT Award” at the 18th Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards


CJ OliveNetworks “moving at full speed” for digital transformation

with IT infrastructure innovation



CJ OliveNetworks had the glory of winning the Korean “Minister of Science and ICT Award” for the information and communications technology(ICT) field at this year’s Korea Digital Management Innovation Awards. CJ OliveNetworks specializes in IT services that lead the digital transformation of CJ Group’s core capacity by integrating key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the Group’s business. In particular, its successful leading of the “IT infrastructure transformation” for active pursuit of digitalization such as innovating platforms and fusing new digital technologies were highly uated.


CJ OliveNetworks has set five areas for IT infrastructure innovation: IT services’ quality innovation, securing of infrastructure for the realization of new technologies, globalization, eco-friendliness and win-win growth with small and medium enterprises(SMEs). The company has first proven its quality innovation capacity with “zero defect” activities for the B2C system by managing a disaster recovery (DR) center and Korea’s only triple-power facilities.
In addition, it has not only expanded services for the enhanced use of cloud within the CJ Group; it has also built a flexible infrastructure environment for the safe realization of new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence(AI), virtual reality(VR), augmented reality(AR), and Internet of Things(IoT). As such, the company is preparing a robust security system for the hyperconnectivity era.


 △CJ Songdo IDC


Advanced global IT services are also major innovations the company has accomplished. CJ OliveNetworks has established IT bases in major regions in China and Southeast Asia, to build hybrid-type IT operating systems and expand its Internet Data Center(IDC) and disaster recovery system. As such, the company is supporting a stable IT infrastructure for the Group’s global business.


“Eco-friendliness” is also an essential element for the company to pursue along with its digital transformation. CJ Songdo IDC has optimized its energy use in facilities, thereby reducing electric power use by over 10% annually on average. Thus, it achieved power usage effectiveness(PUE)—a major index used to show energy efficiency—of 1.51, which was Korea’s highest. The company plans to further enhance the energy efficiency of its IT infrastructure through continuous innovation.


The company is working hard to lead win-win growth with small and medium enterprises(SMEs)  for its IT ecosystem’s vitalization as well. CJ OliveNetworks is discovering excellent Korean solution companies by forming a “technology review committee” and actively working for win-win cooperation with SMEs by planning and supporting their business models. As a result, it achieved the application of the solutions in about 20 business divisions within the Group. The company is thus further reinforcing its competitiveness.

“Based on IT infrastructure transformation, we plan to reinforce the ICT competitiveness of existing businesses, while securing driving engines for future growth in order to proactively respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” a CJ OliveNetworks officer said. (End)