CJ OliveNetworks Acquires Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certification



[CJ OliveNetworks = July 19, 2018] CJ OliveNetworks announced on July 19 that it acquired the ISMS certification for its online service management from the Korea Internet & Security Agency(KISA).

The ISMS certification is managed by the Ministry of Science and ICT and is endowed upon uation by KISA when an Information security management system operated by a company is appropriate enough to protect major corporate asset information and prevent damages in advance. CJ OliveNetworks passed a strict examination for a total of 104 items in 14 areas including information security management process and information security measures. Thus, it acquired the ISMS certification.

The online services that have obtained the certification include CJ OliveNetworks’ IT Business website, a youth start-up community ‘HUBPOT’  website, CJ One, e-payment gateway service(PG), and mobile messaging service, among others. In particular, the mobile messaging service has been reconfirmed to be an optimal secure service for the dispatch of Kakao messages, real-time mass messages, and integrated messages for various marketing communication activities of the company.

The company regularly holds information security seminars and diagnoses the most vulnerable areas for comprehensive management of information security management system. As such, the entire staff continues unremitting efforts to enhance and raise security awareness. The company also conducts systemic activities to prevent cyber security breaches such as computer emergency response training and its own penetration testing for enhanced customer online service security. It is thus working hard to systematically and safely protect important information.

In particular, the acquisition of the ISMS certification for CJ OliveNetworks’ online services, following the acquisition of the certification that the CJ Songdo IDC(Internet Data Center) has maintained since 2013, has once again proven the safety and management capacity of CJ OliveNetworks’ information security management system.

“We will not rest satisfied with the current acquisition of the ISMS certification, but will continue to strictly manage our systems to protect our customers’ and staff’s assets and maintain their trust,” said Director Ryu Hyung-chul of CJ OliveNetworks’ IT Security Team.

The ISMS certification for the online service management of CJ OliveNetworks is valid for three years from June 28, 2018 until June 27, 2021. (End)