CJ OliveNetworks Signs Urban Renewal MOU with City of Seoul for Yongsan Electronics Market




[CJ OliveNetworks=October 30, 2017 (Monday)] CJ OliveNetworks has revealed that it has signed an MOU for urban renewal project with the City of Seoul and other related agencies in the area around the Yongsan Electronics Market.


Yongsan Electronics Market is currently undergoing an urban renewal toward the creation of a novel cultural space based on the electronics industry. To this end, CJ OliveNetworks has pledged to cooperate with the City of Seoul, KAIST, Sookmyung Women’s University, and other strategic agencies toward the realization of this project.
The signing ceremony, held at the 3rd floor of Wonhyo Electronics Market in Yongsan, was attended by Maeng-hoon Kang, Urban Renewal Policy Planning Officer of the City of Seoul; Sung-soo Kim, Vice Director of Yongsan-gu Office; Jung-ae Kang, President of Sookmyung Women’s University; Byung-yoon Kim, Director of KAIST Startup Center; Ryu-seon Kim, Director of KIAT Industrial Technology Policy Center, Yoon-hee Won, President of the University of Seoul; Jae-won Jung, Senior Vice President of CJ OliveNetworks; and Man-ho Seung, President of Seobu T&D.



CJ OliveNetworks will provide software training to students living in Yongsan area and offer service programs through its youth entrepreneurship platform HUBPOT (www.hubpot.co.kr) to aid the efforts toward the creation of the new Yongsan.
The signing ceremony was also accompanied by HUBPOT’s “3rd Youth Entrepreneurship X2O Challenge.” This event was hosted by CJ OliveNetworks in conjunction with the City of Seoul and the Startup Value & Culture Network, VIRUS, in a private–public cooperative pilot project. About 80 proposals for new project ideas have been submitted through the HUBPOT platform.
Out of approximately 80 applicants, about 30 teams have been chosen on account of their adherence to the theme, viability, creativity, and other factors. The teams on the second round had a chance to give a 1-min presentation and engage in two missions for a seat in the 5-team finalist group for the Demo Day.





Senior Vice President Jae-won Jung of CJ OliveNetworks has commented: “this MOU will allow CJ OliveNetworks and the parties involved to look proactively for methods of cooperation that can promote the rejuvenation of the areas near the Yongsan Electronics Market.”

HUBPOT is an online start-up community platform of CJ OliveNetworks, which was opened in October 2016 to facilitate communication, cooperation, networking, and sharing of information between youth start-ups. HUBPOT has served as a centerpiece of CJ OliveNetworks and its CSV creation projects, which seek to promote youth start-ups and thereby provide impetus toward the growth of employment. (End)