CJ OliveNetworks Commissioned by KOCCA for the New “Sangam DMS UHD Broadcasting Studio”



CJ OliveNetworks has revealed that it was selected for the “Sangam DMS (Digital Magic Studio) UHD Broadcasting Studio Project” by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).


Sangam DMS, which will be supervised by KOCCA, is a cutting-edge broadcasting facility that allows the production, editing, and recording of digital media in a single space. It is intended to provide affordable access to cutting-edge technologies for small-scale independent productions and is expected to help them quality HDTV contents that they may otherwise be unable to do so.


The project, which will continue until December this year, will expand the infrastructure of the existing equipment in Sangam DMS facility and implement additional UHD (4K) production facilities for independent productions with a KRW 4 billion budget.


CJ OliveNetworks will support the operation of the DMS UHD studio through a 5-stage equipment verification process and work toward an efficient and economic design of the facility, taking into account the synchronization of the facilities and its expansion potential, through environmental analysis.


The design will also focus on the uniqueness of the broadcasting industry, implementing a dualized network routing with an integrated control to prevent the interruption of content production and thereby offer high stability to the production process.


The addition of the UHD Broadcasting Studio to Sangam DMS is expected to a hybrid environment for UHD and HD production, in a preemptive response to the changes in the global content market for the continued strength of K-wave contents.


Senior Vice President Jung-kwon Cho of CJ OliveNetworks commented: “I think that this commission was the recognition of our experience and technology in HD and UHD broadcasting projects” and “We will make sure to repay this trust by offering high-quality technology and management as our way of contributing toward the stable operation of DMS and the strengthening of independent productions.”


The Sangam DMS project is the latest edition to the impressive portfolio of CJ OliveNetworks in broadcasting and media, which include the purchase and relocation of Seoul TBS, construction of the K Shopping Broadcast Center, and renewal of the KBS UHD system and 1TV’s main control room.