CJ ONE, the Grand Opening of the Prepaid “CJ Gift Card,”




CJ ONE the integrated lifestyle membership service company of the CJ Group, stated that it would sell the CJ Gift Card in a realistic form,which will enable customers to make payments and earn CJ ONE points at any CJ brand store.


It is now possibleto purchase and charge using your CJ Gift Card in both online and off-linestores. Accordingly, customer convenience will be enhanced. The gift card is available at 1,000 stores, such as CGV, A Twosome Place, and OliveYoung (select stores), all over the country.


The CJ giftcard is available in four different types: the CJ Gift Card, which can be used at all CJ brands; and the three different gift cards that can be exclusivelyused at CGV, A Twosome Place, and OnMart. It is possible tocharge the card from a minimum of KRW 10,000 to a maximum of KRW 500,000.



 The card is available at the following stores: OliveYoung (some stores), CGV (including afeterias), A Twosome Place, VIPS, Tous Les Jours, Season Table, Bibigo, CheilJemyunso, The Place, China Factory Delight, CJ Food World, Juice Solution, VIPS Burger, and others. It can be used like cash at OnMart, CGV, E&M, CJ OShopping (from July 1, 2017), Worldis, and others.


CJ ONE will be holding a grand opening event on July 31,2017, in celebration of the release of the CJ Gift Card. During the event, 5%of any purchase (KRW 10,000 or more using a CJ Gift Card) will accumulate as CJ ONE points. It is possible to earn up to a maximum of 5,000 points per ID.Moreover, if you use your CJ Gift Card, you can get up to 3,000 points for every 1% of your purchase amount.


Ju-Young Kim,the department head of CJ ONE, said: We released a realcard that enables customers buy products at off-line stores, following the mobile gift card shown last month. I expect to have synergistic effects at both off-line and online stores. He also added: There had been steady demands for the release of the prepaid card. We will do our best to provide our customers with a wealth of benefits and services.


You can check details on the CJ Gift Cards at www.cjone.com and through the customer hotline (1577-8888).